Double Trouble

So summer is over.. eh?

August was a pretty wild month, went out with a bang. I believe I checked all my summer goals: music festival, check; catapulting over water, check; roadtrip, check; new sleepless record (41h), check; beach fireworks, check; bobs and vegana, check; blackout on vodka+tequila, check; fitness goals, check; PC upgrade, check.

But good times for you readers, as winter is closing in and days get shorter and colder at the northern hemisphere, inevitably we will spend more time in our basements working on scans.

Yankee go to Juku 12 (!Juku12) – looking forward to that mandatory karaoke chapter.

You Loved Me So Much It Hurt, ch10 (!Kimi10) – these hoes ain’t loyal, what else can I say.

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  1. chupachota

    thx for the chapters men

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