I almost OD’ed on Poutine

Plan for tonight was simple, really was. Then it all turned to shit in minutes.

Buddy of mine visited LA and I told him to pick me up some books, half-jokingly, before he came back. He said as long as I paid him back. So I got him to buy me volumes 5-13 of the new Tough series. Cost was about $95 USD, which was about 2/3 of what I’d pay if I bought the books directly from Japan.

So we go eat, I order a poutine and… it’s enormous. Like, it looks family sized. It could feed an African village. So I start eating, slow but surely, next thing I know, I’ve eaten 3/4 of it… and I feel fine. I haven’t eaten that much in a veeeery long time. I end up finishing the family-sized poutine and I can feel pretty full, but not stuffed. I don’t get it.

And then I got up, and it hit me like a swift jab to the nose. I ate, way, way, waaaaay too much. Rest of the night was just a slog and I felt dead.

I had to stop writing this post a few times because I was falling asleep and got distracted.

Yankee Go To Juku 03 (!Juku03) – Sorry, was supposed to release this earlier, but Nitouryu forgot. Go to Nuwang’s site and give him your appreciation.

See you~

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