When keeping it real goes wrong

Has it been a week since we started this? Time flies

You Loved Me So Much It Hurt, ch07 (!Kimi07) – We are getting some choppy waves out there. One more chapter until Volume 1 is done (note: there are 3 volumes+).

6 Thoughts to “When keeping it real goes wrong”

  1. ampworship

    the speed at which you guys are getting these out is awesome, much appreciated for the hard work!!!

  2. Jeravian York-palmer

    Thank y’all for the hard work in this manga I appreciate it

  3. William

    I’m absolutely in love with this manga. My girlfriend has bpd, so when I read this I see more of what I see with her, the breakdowns that, thankfully, we’ve been able to work through. I adore this manga and its instantly my favorite, I cant wait at all for future chapters. I am curious, though, if there’s a patreon or something I can donate to for you all? Its fantastic work, the art is beautiful and detailed and you deserve all the credit you can get.

    1. Nitouryu

      Thanks for the positive feedback! We don’t accept donations, because this is just a hobby for us. Your appreciation and input is enough.
      But if you have some expendable income and really like the series I would strongly encourage you to buy the original books from the author, you can get them as cheap as 6-7 USD from amazon.co.jp and it actually supports the author to keep making more.

  4. Pampatos Totots

    thx for the chapter….wtf this cliffhanger. I need more!

  5. Phospho

    I truly love this manga and I hope you don’t give up with the manga translation

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