I feel like death

I had a lot of things planned on Saturday, but when you’re sick and it feels like you’re knocking on death’s door, well, those plans kinda fall by the wayside.

I still feel terrible, but here goes…

Dog Soldier 16 (!Dog16) – From yesterday, but whatever. As usual, a big thank you to Hokuto no Gun & HappyScans! for their help on this. The chapters are in this volume are all about 80 pages, which is fun.

Saru Lock 39-40 (!Saru39 !Saru40) – Prior to last week, the last time we had worked on some of the pages was back in October 2009. 9 & a half years ago. I really miss Saru Lock… The series. I do not miss the redraws and all the headaches associated with those fucking pieces of shit. It’s like Suicide Island. I really miss that series, but I don’t miss the redraws. Not one bit.

So, with the final 2 chaps of volume 4 done, which were half-done minus the redraws since October 2009, we’re finally going to be officially dropping Saru Lock.

The Blue Hole 01 (!BlueHole01) – I can’t really think of anything good to write about this, so I’ll just do some copy-pasting. As usual, a big thank you to Hokuto no Gun & HappyScans! for their help on this.

I’m gonna see if I’m in good enough shape to do some yoga this morning. TBD!

One Thought to “I feel like death”

  1. Cháosávratheós

    Hello there, be a follower of your translations for a while.

    I just wanted to ask something. I’ve personally been translating Blue Hole myself for the last two years or so as a hobby. I’ve completed the first volume and the first chapter of the second, though my skills are far inferior to yous, Happyscans! and Hokuto no Gun’s. Since you guys have taken it up there’s little point in me continuing but that brings me to my question.

    Do you have any plans to translate Blue Hole’s sequel manga, Blue World, some time in the future? If you do, then I’ll drop my plans to work on that also and move on to some other stuff I had my eye on.

    Keep up the good work, you guys are doing an awesome job.

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