Easter dinner

I’m supposed to write something interesting or meaningful, but I’ll let Nitouryu do that.

Alice in Hell 39 (!AIH39) – Four more chapters to go.

Dog Soldier 14 (!Dog14) – I love Dog Soldier, but I fucking hate the redraws. If it wasn’t for the redraws, the series would have been completed years ago. Fun to typeset, fun to read, a pain in the fucking ass to clean & redraw. As usual, thank you to Hokuto no Gun & HappyScans! for their contributions on the chapter.

The Distant Dawn (!Dawn) – Alright, a little backstory here. I had scanned The Distant Dawn in March 2013. The version I scanned was dated to 2012 and was in good quality paper. Originally, this was just a hair over 300 total pages and that was all. I’ve had plans with Hox to do this series for a few years now and we just never got around to it. As time went on, I would spend time on Amazon Japan to look at older books to see what the prices were and I saw the previous editions of The Distant Dawn. The only thing was, none of them had the same page count. They all had different totals. I had already known that was a lot of Hoshino’s works were re-published, but I always assumed that it was just a new edition with nothing changed. Nope, turns out, some stories were added and some were removed. That kind of annoyed me. So, I ended up buying those other editions of The Distant Dawn. Two of those three had no new stories, while the third one had four new stories. I ended up scanning the covers for all four of the books as well. So, I ended up buying second (or third) editions of other Hoshino series we’ve done to see if there were other stories we missed and unfortunately, there were. So maybe in the future we might be doing supplementary releases to add those.

Now that the backstory’s pretty much done… The Distant Dawn ended up being a 472 pages volume with 16 total chapters in it. Hoshino’s earlier works were roughly 30 pages or so and they almost always felt a little short, like they had to trim out 5 to 10 pages to elaborate a little bit more. But regardless, they’re still fun. My favorite story in the volume is Algae.

A big thank you to Hox for translating it. Hox is a a gangster and you should appreciate him for all the work he’s done for the quality series he’s done. We have plans to work on another Hoshino Yukinobu series at some point, and hopefully we’ll work on some other stuff of his. I have 20 or so Hoshino Yukinobu books laying or around or already scanned. What I’ve already scanned: Fire of Yamato, Legends of the Enchantress, Midway, One Day in The Life of Ivan Dejavu, Saber Tiger, Tar Trip, The Blue Hole, The Blue World, and another series that isn’t on Manga Updates called Yukinobu Hoshino SF Collection. And of the stuff I haven’t scanned, I mean, there’s a lot. 🙂 Bem Sword Hunter, Blue City (Unrelated to Blue Hole or Blue World), Inherit The Stars v3-4, Mega Cross, Hotline From the Future, Moon Lost, Rain Man, and probably some others.

Anyway, enjoy. I’m off to see a friend at the airport, then I’ve got some typesetting to do tonight & tomorrow. Maybe some smoked ribs on Monday. Yum.

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  1. 2995

    Always great to have more Hoshino.

  2. It is pleasure to see such dedication to scanlation.
    Thanks for releases.

  3. Cháosávratheós

    Hi it’s me again. Thanks to Blue Hole I’ve become a big Hoshino fan, so what you guys are doing is a dream come true.

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