I should make a news post

It’s been a minute since our last news post.

To those I was supposed to be talking to or working with, my apologies. Life hasn’t been great for me lately and when I do have free time, scanlations hasn’t really been on my mind as much as I’d want it to be.

Just a little bit of news: A project we had started working on a loooooong time ago (I think in 2012 or 2013) might be completed by the first week of April. The large chunk of the work has already been done, it’s just a question of QCing (Our QCer is super busy with uni work) and touch-ups on a volume that will be a hair under 500 pages. Should be fun!

A Diffusion Disease 7 (!ADD07) – The conclusion to the main story, with two extra chaps to be done.
Alice in Hell 38 (!AIH38) – The party’s about to start.

Enjoy, see you next time.

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