My planned release crashed and burned ^_^

Hi again.

I had a planned release for today, July 23rd. Unfortunately, my editors ran away and I finished almost nothing. That’s how it goes sometimes.

In any case~

Jaguar (!Jaguar) – A oneshot by the Kiba Kouichi, the author of Kilico. A fun read. About a girl and her big-ass gun.

Manyuuki volume 01 (!Manyuu01) – This is the first gag manga we’ve done in a while and it is just batshit crazy. It was in Weekly Shounen Jump back in the 90s and got to two volumes. It’s one hell of a ride if you like your gag mangas. A big thank you to laika for the translation and picking up on some of the redraws because the editors disappeared.



.:12·57·30:. «&laika» jesus
.:12·57·39:. «&laika» the
.:12·57·46:. «&laika» credits page
.:12·57·49:. «&laika» is ugly for manyuuki lol
.:12·57·52:. «&laika» why do you make it so big
.:12·58·11:. «~GGpX» You only looked at it now? o-o
.:12·58·23:. «&laika» didn’t see it before.
.:12·58·30:. «&laika» never showed it to me

2 Thoughts to “My planned release crashed and burned ^_^”

  1. Dave

    I was sceptical about Manyuuki at first, but then the horse got me. Great stuff, thanks for that.

  2. leonearmato

    Thank you for Jaguar. Very nice oneshot.

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