Cat-chan manga

Hoh boy, this one’s been a long time comin’!

Today we’re releasing yet another Igarashi Daisuke manga. This release is also coming out simultaneously with the episode of Manben that Igarashi Daisuke was featured in. Our very own laika is the one that translates those episodes and you can watch them at .

Kabocha’s Adventure (!Kabocha) – Cat-chan manga! That’s what I’ve been calling this short volume for the last year or so. It’s a 110 page volume with the author telling stories about his cat, Kabocha, in the countryside. In my opinion, there isn’t an author out there that draws cats quite the way Igarashi Daisuke does. And they’re so cute ._.

A big thank you to laika for translating yet another Daisuke Igarashi series. Next up, Saru? Or the mook? Who knows~ Also a big thank you to Dille for doing all of the redraws, and god knows there were a lot of redraws. I think close to 75% of the pages had redraws. So a big thank you to him. And finally, a big thank you to tim for typesetting this volume with all of the SFX. I know it’s nothing compared to the next project he’s working on, which has more sfx in a 20 page chapter than this whole volume, but it’s still worth mentioning that he did an excellent job.

See you later this week, we should have another release soon. (And also, apply to help us get releases out faster)


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