Me And The Devil Blues ch29

Hooooh boy, this gon’ be good!

Today we have a new chapter from a series we haven’t worked on in close to 6 full years.

Six! Years!

Holy crap is right.

So as per usual, we need staff. We’re very understaffed at the moment. How understaffed are we? Just to give you an idea, I do a lot of things for this group. I scan virtually everything we release, I translate a few series from French, I attempt to proofread only to be shot down and publicly belittled by laika, Nitouryu & others (Assholes!) as I get reminded that my English is about as good as a sixth grader with bad grades, I typeset the majority of the series we release and if I don’t typeset those series, I QC them. So basically, I do just about everything except… editing.

We’re so under-staffed that I had to edit this chapter with someone who isn’t even in this group. And I’m a terrible editor.

That’s how under-staffed we are. All of my editors, literally every single one, is either MIA or on vacation (A certain Latvijan abandoned us to go skiing in Norway… Unforgivable.) and I’m stuck doing editing.

So if you’re an editor or a Japanese translator, please consider applying. PM me on IRC or email me at gaminggodp at gmail dot com.

Now, for the release.

Me And The Devil Blues v5c29 (!Blues29) Six years in the making. I’m currently in a love-hate relationship with Akira Hiramoto, the author of this wonderful manga. I love him when he’s working on this series because it’s honestly one of the very best mangas (in my not so humble opinion) around. I hate him because he put the series on hiatus for five fucking years to work on a horrible series in Prison School. It’s just so fucking terrible. His talents are completely wasted, and yet… I don’t blame him. He probably makes a looooot more money working on a shitty series like that because it’ll sell more. Kind of unfortunate. But in any case! Enjoy the chapter. A big thank you to Royal from Royal Translations for translating the chapter, a big thank you to Everath from Silent Sky for helping with the redraws and thanks to tim for the sfx.

Right now there’s a problem with the xdcc sends on irchighway, but it works fine on Rizon. If you’re in #news or #nibl or #gotlurk on Rizon, you can use the trigger !Blues29 or /msg Illum xdcc send 409 to get the back. Otherwise, it’s available on the online reader by clicking here.

illiteracy, Nitouryu, kyuubi654, Matto24, come back soon 🙁


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  1. Phantasos

    Holy shit, is this real life?

    You guys seriously need a set team for this. It’s a fucking crime people aren’t forming lines to apply for the positions

  2. ckrit

    Because nerds rather work on shitty shit like Prison School that’s about big titties flying all over the place.

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