Going to be a fun month or so~


I’m a bit short on time, but anyway

1- We’ll be busy for the next month or so despite a lot of the staff having real life commitments. We have our anniversary release in a month, so stayed tuned for that. I don’t think we’ll have much more to release until then.

2- Always looking for new staff. Editors, Translators & an experienced typesetter. PM me on IRC if you’re interested.

3- Status update: IAAH v13 goes for sale on the 30th of October, so we’ll be getting it then. We’ve bought & scanned FMP Sigma v19. Started cleaning it.

Alice in Hell 11 (!Alice11 !AIH11)

Shamo v30 (!Shamo30 !Coq30) – We’re up the date.

See you.

7 Thoughts to “Going to be a fun month or so~”

  1. Hydra632

    Thank you so much for carrying on the mantle of Shamo. Great release! Seems like this arc is heading towards ryo having to confront committing murder again.

  2. Cenit

    I know, Sigma 19 is not gonna happen by next month. You will have to do a lot of cleaning/redrawing on that one. Also a lot of translation work for Avatar plus typesetting for ggpx. But it's great to know, that you're already on the job and didn't encounter any mail problems this time. Good luck, waiting patiently 😉

  3. Ganner_Rhysode

    Thank you so much for Shamo! A question: What's that on the last two double-pages? The first one is about the Vol. 31 release (in december, I guess). But what's that last one with Ryo's face all about? Seems like some big announcement… 😀

  4. El

    :crazy: I think it's the time of the year when I need to threaten with committing suicide if I don't get my yearly dose of SJG… Come on guys, don't let me end it, because I promise I'll kill myself if I don't get some onibaku action soon 🙁 love you <3

  5. gnoia

    Thank you for another volume of Shamo!

  6. Simonse

    wanna read the latest chapters, the read manga online section is not updated yet, get to it. and how about Iam a hero?

  7. FMPFun

    May I get the scans of FMP? I can read Japanese. If can't it's okey for me. 🙂

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