My dreaded least favorite day of the year…

Today, June 24th, is La Saint-Jean-Baptiste. It’s Quebec’s “national” (Go figure, since Quebec isn’t a country) holiday, where everyone should be “proud” to be québécois and celebrate, lest we not speak about the rampant xenophobia and pure arrogance to anything not deemed Québécois on this specific day.

Well, to make this day a tiny bit better, some Rookies. How ’bout it?

Rookies v23 (!Rookies23 !Rook23) – This is a volume pack for v23, there’s 5 new chapters. A very big thank you to rhy for doing the redraws at the end of the volume, it was much appreciated. If you’re still up for some more redraws in volume 24, we could definitely use your help. 🙂

As usual, recruiting staff, PM me on IRC, etc. I’m kind of nauseated because of this day, so I don’t really wanna spend much time writing here.

See you.

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