KickStarter campaigns.

Hello, fans.

I’m making a post simply to encourage some of you to support two interesting Kick Starter campaigns.

The first one is The Crater – A collection of oneshots by Osamu Tezuka. One of the people who’s worked on that volume is someone I know, so it would be fun if you could support him and his work to get some Osamu Tezuka out to the world. Also, it’s a limited print run of 2,000 issues. You get ’em while you can, because they’re not going to last very long.

The second one is Carbon Grey by Hoang Nguyen. They’re $7k short of attaining their goal, so if you’re willing to help out, I’m sure the author would greatly appreciate it. It’s ending in three days, so get to it, yo.

Here’s a synpsis of the story:

“Set against the backdrop of a great war Carbon Grey follows twin sisters Mathilde and Giselle Grey, members of a noble family dedicated to protecting the Kaiser of Mitteleuropa, as they struggle to reconcile duty with their own beliefs and ambitions. When the Kaiser is killed a vast conspiracy is uncovered, centered around a prophecy made long ago by Gottfaust, father to the Greys and hero of Mitteleuropa, that the 13th sister – the Carbon Grey – will one day spark a revolution.”

So please consider it. You’ve been getting free stuff from us for almost 8 years, try to find the time to support a legal way to get comics & manga published in an English format. And if it works out, then odds are there will be more English licensed manga available in the following years.

And now, for your not-so-legal manga needs.

Hito Hitori Futari v05 (!Hito05 !Hitori05) – We ended up doing v5 in one go because, uh… Well, I guess we were just waiting for the redraws (Thanks Lukis) to come back and I ended up typesetting the whole volume by the time the redraws were done, and voila. This was a pretty good volume and v06’s set up pretty nicely. Thanks again to kewl0210 for providing the translation.

Thanks for reading.

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