Sidonia no Kishi 33-35


As usual, we’re recruiting staff members to fill positions. Notice we haven’t been releasing much in the last two months? Part of it is because I’ve been a lazy shit, part of it is because a lot of us are busy and part of it is because we don’t have many staff members to help out. So here’s the deal, if we get good, dedicated help, we can release faster. Last week, we got a new editor and he’s been helping out on Suicide Island. We’re extremely thankful to have him because the editors for SI are unable to spare time to work on it right now due to real life circumstances (Work, family, etc.). So if you want to apply, the best way to contact me is through IRC. I’m [almost] always around. If I’m afk, you can leave me your information via PM. Otherwise, you can email me by clicking on my name at the bottom of this post. Yes, my email is silly, but I made it close to a decade ago, so blame the me of back then! `-‘)

A reminder that we have a secondary IRC bot called Illum. We’ve been uploading a large variety of manga on it. There’s also some 720p goodies that you might like, including Boardwalk Empire & other shows. You can check the packlist by clicking here.

Because we’re releasing something relating to space and shit…

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We’re now two volumes behind, assholes!

Sidonia no Kishi v07 (!Sido07 !SNK07) – This completes volume 07 and we’re two volumes behind what’s available in Japan, houray. Big thank you as usual to dh85 & momimomi who do most of the heavy lifting on this series. All I do is just scan, QC & whine. .-,

In the next few weeks, I’m going to try to make a push to finish series of ours that’s been dragging a little too long to my liking. It’s going to be a lot of work, but hopefully it’ll be well worth it once I’ve finished up.

See you~

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