Okay first off, I still need a translator for REAL. The volume is basically cleaned, just looking for a translator.

Contact me via email or via IRC.

The forums are fucked, don’t apply there. There’s literally 7 new pages of spam posts every day that we have to cancel out just to see the actual posts. Until that’s fixed, don’t use the forums.

Second thing is, from today on, we’ll releasing all of our chapters under the .cbz extension. It’s no different form of the usual .zip form, except that you don’t have to select a comic reader manually every time. You double click on it and it’ll load up a comic reader, assuming you have one installed. We recommend CDisplay. If you want more info, Google it.

[Edit] A .cbz files stands for a “Comic Book Archive”. It’s literally a .zip file with a different name so that manga/comic readers can open it in a single double click.

All of our releases have been renamed under the .cbz extension.

Now, releases. This will probably be our last release until our anual Christmas release. Lordof, where are youuuuuu? I need you for some Koukou Tekken-den Tough ;_; Btw, wanna help us release a shitload of stuff on December 25th? Send me an email (Click on GGpX below this news post) or PM me via IRC.

Alice in Hell 04 (!Alice04 !AIH04) – A new installation of Alice in Hell. As usual, thanks to momimomi for translating and dh85 for cleaning.

Odyssey 04 (!Odyssey04 !Ody04) – I never really wanted to go on a Safari in Africa, and this isn’t helping out much. Thanks again to zindryr for the t/l <3

Savior (!Savior !Saviour) – I scanned this oneshot over 5 years ago from the Mandala magazine I had originally bought to do Blame². It was the oneshot that stood out to me, moreso than Blame² or Boichi’s Diadem, because of how visually stunning it was. I had never seen someone be able to make such incredibly interesting and “flavorful” color pages in a manga before. I was amazed. So over time, I learned more about this Chinese author named Benjamin. We ended up doing a volume of his called “One Day” (!OneDay !1Day) if any of you are interested. So a good two weeks or so ago, I had uploaded the raw for laika to read and illiteracy checked it out. He spoke with laika a little and decided to do it. 75% of the dialogue had to be redrawn and the end product looks amazing. Check it out, dohg.

See you later.

12 Thoughts to “Mini-announcement”

  1. Alexander

    Batch file renaming wasn't meant to be done manually. :0

  2. rollingnakedsnake

    Oh sweeet, bruddas CBR is just what we needed aprecciated i mean shit u guys went overboard on this shit now i can read mangas on CDisplay asap without selecting shit and wasting time in the process. Hail illuminati lol.

  3. Noooo!!!

    WHY?? CBZ?? Some people like to archive, rename their files, even save a spreadpage and those kind of things. Winrar/zip work exactly the same with CDISPLAY like're going apple on us with these kinda closed releases…please don't do it.

  4. xyz85-mvb9

    What? A .cbz file is STILL a .zip file. For example, if you click with your right button and extract the archive, it works the same way, it's just a matter of file extension. I'm feeling kind of Captain Obvious saying this, thanks so much.

  5. rollingnakedsnake

    @Noooo!!! first of all lol at what u said,cbz rulez broo and u should do more research or know what the hell u talking about before posting damn son.

  6. Noooo!!

    Really? :wassat: I didn't know that. I remember downloading cbz, but this never occured to me. That's why i found rar/zip easier, cuz you can easily install CDISPLAY and do the work yourself.. so illuminati wants to make us lazy. AWESOME. Illuminati-manga is the best (and only) seinengroup after al the big ones quited. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!

  7. Tkbon

    I sincerely hope you find a translator, my kanji sucks rocks, otherwise I would help. :crying: Try post a help on mangafox or something. I really want this story to be told (to me mainly. LOL)

  8. e__

    I hope you'll find a translator soon (I wanna read the next REAL vol so bad!!). I's a good idea to leave comments somewhere else too and ask for a help.

  9. mlm

    <<There's literally 7 new pages of spam posts every day>> You requested this yourself by installing phpbb, man… try some other forum software like SMF or punbb, with the right mods, you can make them secure…

  10. GGpX-

    I didn't install anything. The Russian did, though. I'm a computer illiterate.

  11. ahaha

    ahahaha the russian…crazy russians

  12. Helper

    Hi everybody, regarding CBZ or CBR for you guys who want to try this format can use these programs. cdisplay . techknight . com/ or cdisplayex . com/public/CDisplayEx_V1.8.exe ok.. CBR and CBZ is just an archive of images. Why archieve? to me because if you want to copy those images and large size, IT IS GOD DAMN SLOW, well blame my pc not strong enough :tongue: so i have to archieve these images and hoala it's much faster and easier. Well higher risk in archieve corrupt on rar though but not my problem anuway :laughing:

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