So I was typesetting this Keaton chap, finished it, sent it for QC, and my QCer informs me that it’s not lasagna but in fact, lasagne with an E.


.:21·05·40:. «!GGpX-Sleep» neh neh dh85
.:21·05·45:. «!GGpX-Sleep» lasagne isn’t English
.:21·05·47:. «!GGpX-Sleep» o_o)
.:21·05·58:. «!GGpX-Sleep» It’s French and probably Italian
.:21·07·08:. «@dh85» lasagne is plural
.:21·07·20:. «@dh85» and it’s the way we address to that 😐
.:21·07·51:. «@dh85» it’s an italian word and recipe which i eat hundreds of time a year, i should know o_o
.:21·08·45:. «@dh85»
.:21·09·01:. «@dh85» (although lasagne alla milanese is a slightly different recipe)
.:21·12·13:. «!GGpX-Sleep» I eat lasagna 3-4 times a year.
.:21·12·14:. «!GGpX-Sleep» A shame.
.:21·12·43:. «@dh85» then start calling it lasagne! 😀
.:21·13·02:. «!GGpX-Sleep» I do. In French, silly.
.:21·13·11:. «!GGpX-Sleep» Although the says either or works.
.:21·13·22:. «@dh85» just lasagna is one single “layer” of pasta
.:21·13·37:. «@dh85» it’s like spaghetti, a single one is spaghetto
.:21·13·57:. «!GGpX-Sleep» A single one is a poor man’s dinner.
.:21·14·05:. «!GGpX-Sleep» `-‘)
.:21·14·08:. «@dh85» that’s for sure
.:21·14·20:. «@dh85» so it is a single lasagna 🙂

So in short, dh85 lives up to the Italian stereotype of a pasta eater extraordinaire.

Hito Hitori Futari 26 (!Hito26 !Hitori26) – Three chapters left until the volume is wrapped up.

Master Keaton 19 (!Keaton19 !MK19) – See lasagne convo above.

Also, fuck the Yankees.

3 Thoughts to “LasagnE”

  1. dh85

    Yeah, maybe hundreds of times is too much, but definitely many more times than that canadian freak.

  2. tsuba

    Well, if you want to talk about lasagne in french, you need to write it "lasagneS". Like you said, there're many layers of them. Don't mind me, just wanted to do my french bitch today :shifty:

  3. Ganner_Rhysode

    You guys still working on Shamo Vol 27? Or possibly already on Vol 28?

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