Happy Thanksgiving

(Cue the Yanks to tell me how Thanksgiving isn’t ’til November)

Unfortunately for you, today is Canadian Thanksgiving. So eat it, jerks.

Check out Illum (Clicky clicky) for some awesome manga recommendations. We’ve also uploaded some episodes of a TV series me & BindeR like. in 720p, too.

We’re still recruiting staff. Yeah, I’m slow at answering, but if you come find me on IRC, I’m much faster.

Oniwakamaru the Visitor v03 (!Oniwa03 !OTV03) – Now we get into some serious plot development. Volume 04 is shaping up to be pretty interesting. Also, naked fighting is manly shit.

See you next time.

2 Thoughts to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Squall

    Happy turkey day

  2. anonimous

    Thank you for translating Saruwatari Tetsuya manga. Hope to read more of his older works in future.

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