Celebration time + Lordof!! + two volumes

I don’t have a quote today. Too busy celebrating Pierre Gauthier’s firing.

(Any hockey fan will understand why. If not, google it.)

Lordof! PM me on IRC! I need to talk to you about Brazil and violent stuff.

I Am A Hero v7-8 (!IAAH07 !IAAH08) – Here’s something you won’t hear often here, but fuck it I won’t stop myself from saying it: We’ve caught up with the volumes in Japan! The next volume is scheduled sometime in June (I’m estimating here) so I’ll buy it once it goes for sale. Enjoy two awesome volumes.

If you want to download the previous volumes, they’re on the bot with the triggers !IAAH01 to !IAAH06

Update for anyone curious: I’ll be picking up WOlf Guy v12 & Shamo v27 tomorrow. I was supposed to get them in the mail today, but I got called in to work instead of getting a well deserved three day weekend and missed the postman. So I’ll pick ’em both up tomorrow and probably have them scanned shortly. I also found some Saruwatari stuff online and it’ll get shipped to me eventually, which always makes me happy.

Next release should be in the next few days. Probably tomorrow, actually. Assuming everything goes smoothly. Also, expect a new version of Typesetterer with some minor changes.


22 Thoughts to “Celebration time + Lordof!! + two volumes”

  1. Mors

    Next Rookies where? :sly:

  2. Nintakun

    YAY!! Thanks for more I am A Hero!! I caught up with the already releases yesterday, haha!

  3. GGpX

    @Mors Maybe tomorrow.

  4. Stainfree

    Came here to thank you guys for doing this, IaAH has become a favourite of mine.

  5. totomaru

    thanks a lot! You're a hero :laughing:

  6. barbapapa

    Boys on the Run is like a million times better than IAAH. JUST SAYIN YO

  7. xyz85-mvb9

    @barbapapa I agree that much. Yet enjoyable 😉

  8. barbapapa

    Yeah it's definitely not a bad manga, and I still read it. But Hanazawa's got so much more in him… PS. Funny how GWR keeps asking for donations to get their manga done, but they still SOMEHOW manage to release these 3 volumes on the same day you guys do it for free.

  9. waldo

    @barbapapa Also their translation+cleaning is worst. Love you illuminati

  10. Inherent

    I read the manga and just had to come and thank you. It was absolutely wonderful. Big fan now.

  11. signorRossi

    "I can do it myself" :w00t: :laughing: I wanna say that to a woman once, too. 😉

  12. laika

    the one thing i don't like about boys on the run is how it feels like it doesn't actually start until past like 3/4 of the series when you actually end up finishing reading it. I hope that IAAH isn't going the same way but at least pacing wise it's pretty much the same slow pace. What i'm saying is though boys has this one SUPER high point, it's not as consistent. IAAH feels much more consistent and still has a couple of things going for it that could pay off huge.

  13. barbapapa

    Even in the first three volumes I've already enjoyed BOTR more than IAAH. I'm not looking for any high point, just overall good writing in stead of boring zombie attacks.

  14. Ennoah Ballard

    Barbapapa, do you have something against thrillers? Fuck it. Sorry. I don't want to get into it. I'll limit myself to saying that I think the last translated volume of BotR was a 7/10 while the last two volumes of IAaH have been 9 or 10 out of 10, and exhibited great writing both in terms of dialogue and plotting. I thought these last two volumes were completely sensational. I'm in that state after reading or watching something extremely good when you feel all jittery and can't move on or concentrate on anything else.

  15. Ennoah Ballard

    And excellent job by the Illuminati manga members and anyone else who worked on scanlating these volumes. Iura's final words in particular were impressively done.

  16. laika

    i don't mean to imply that i didn't enjoy BOTR. It's great. I really love it. And that one high point for me is one of my favorite scenes in all of graphical narrative. however, there are times in the series (past the first 3 vols) when it feels very inconsistent and a bit all over the place. Perhaps this isn't really his fault but maybe pressure from editors or something with the series life being threatened, but there are segments that I wouldn't really call solid writing. Those segments make me think of ressentiment's rush to the end. Hindsight is clear though, who knows if IAAH won't face similar problems.

  17. LOHS

    fuck yeah. thanks for IAAH. :crazy:

  18. barbapapa

    I'm also not saying I don't enjoy IAAH (and I have yet to read volumes 7-8) but apart from a great opener my interest started fizzling out when it started to be more of a regular zombie manga. I so wished they'd (yes THEY, like editors don't have the last say) gone a more psychological or fantastical route, I guess. But it's a route that'll get him readers, for sure.

  19. signorRossi

    Decided to have a look at BOTR and will keep reading it, seems fun.

  20. laika

    Yah, i think the parts where there are delusions are the best parts. There have been a lot less recently and it seems like Hideo is becoming more grounded in reality by at least a tiny bit, but the visions that Hiromi is seeing in her halfway state are sort of interesting. Maybe Hideo will end up alone again and start seeing things once more ;x

  21. asdf

    @barbapapa: "but apart from a great opener my interest started fizzling out when it started to be more of a regular zombie manga." What, are you high? If you want an regular one, go read High School of the Dead. Every single Chapter, every single Volume of I am a Hero, is awesome and unique. Nothing too generic about it.

  22. barbapapa

    Then I guess you haven't really dabbled in really unique manga. Too bad a lot of people seem to misinterpret me as "dissing" IAAH. It's a fine series, but you can tell Hanazawa's kind of "advised" to hold in to appeal to a wider audience so Big Comic Spirits gets more readers.

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