Dropping SCIENCE

See, somehow, I can’t feel sorry for an anorexic, you know? Rich cunt, don’t want to eat? Fuck her. Don’t eat! Like I give a shit. Like I’m supposed to be concerned about this. “I DON’T WANNA EAT!” Go fuck yourself.

-George Carlin

Suicide Island 39-40 (!SI39 !SI40)

18 Thoughts to “Dropping SCIENCE”

  1. Penguin71

    Suicide Island woohoo! Thanks for the release guys! I hope you find some new recruits.

  2. xyz85-mvb9

    sounds like science fiction

  3. quebee

    so how do I read or download these chapters?

  4. Redthing

    Ryou! :_ I'm sure he's gonna die to the long-haired dude, but I'm glad he's back for now. Someone needs to do a hardcore Minecraft survival server about this island. I would totally play it.

  5. Oddysen

    WOOO!!! Finally I get to read about people hanging themselves again. Can't wait for the next release, you guys rock.

  6. TheGuyFromB4

    Listening to the people huh? Bout damn time you did something with the series your stole from Death Toll a year and a half ago. It's like you stole it just to steal it, which is extremely pathetic and childish. Chapters 11-20 were done to scare off Death Toll when they were smaller. You've only released 20 chapters in the year (13 months actually) since then :confused: Why not give it back to someone who'll give it the attention it deserves instead of dawdling around with it? I guarantee that Death Toll would have caught up to Japanese releases months ago. :laughing: I hope Dragon&Fly Scans steal all your series. Whoever posts is a stupid prick who thinks he holds some sort power because he releases free manga. You're all replaceable. You drop a series and another group will pick it up. I encourage Death Toll to take this series back because they blow you outta the water now if you were to compete. Also, try writing something more original than something as generic as a quote. 😉

  7. TheGuyFromB4

    Also, your attempts at blocking me are futile. Proxy, proxy, proxy! And I'll rip your series from MangaFox instead of Batoto so you don't get any ad $$ from page views :shifty: Never liked IRC anyways.

  8. Swagwich

    Y u mad, doggie?

  9. Punky Brewster

    @ TheGuyFromB4 LOLUMAD?

  10. HeMad Inc.

    OH, HE MAD

  11. GGpX

    @TheGuyFromB4 "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." -George Carlin Fitting, isn't it?

  12. rojet

    LoL, u guys are funny. Thanks for the chapters.

  13. D

    Haters always gonna hate

  14. Shamo_only

    Hey GGpX question for you, a few blog posts ago you said the current volume of Shamo would be released on March 23, any chance you purchased it and will be scanlating it soon?

  15. GGpX

    @Shamo_only Buying it on Monday or Tuesday. Will take a week or so for shipping. After that, depends on the editors & translator.

  16. Serg

    @TheGuyFromB4 aka ChoreBoy – I might be speaking a little out of line here as only an editor for Deathtoll but chill man. As far as I know we have no intention to pick up Suicide Island nor have had any at all since Illuminati started doing it. The series is now there's in all respects (and they even were doing it prior to our chapters anyways) We currently have 20+ projects and are understaffed as is. I doubt another series being added would help at all. I love that you are such a big fan of our, but I think this case is going over the line… Sorry about all this GGpX and good luck with the series :3

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