Russian_Gear says,

You should join Illuminati-Manga. We need staff.

If you do join, you’ll be lucky enough to be witness to such bizarre and bordering on disgusting conversations as these. Conversations that EVEN KUTHROW, the most shallow and cruel person in the history of this group finds disturbing and gross.


.:20·00·39:. «@xyz85-mvb9» my ex said she still wants me to fuck her :/ bitches are crazy
.:20·00·45:. «@xyz85-mvb9» Nitouryu ahould
.:20·00·56:. «@xyz85-mvb9» *should i beat her when this happens?
.:20·01·07:. «!GGpX» In Soviet Latvija, da da da!!!
.:20·01·15:. «@Kuthrow» “bitches are crazy”
.:20·01·19:. «@Kuthrow» congratulations on finally figuring it out
.:20·02·22:. «@xyz85-mvb9» meh, i think i’ll get myself drunk as a fucktard then fuck her
.:20·02·35:. «@xyz85-mvb9» and then say “wha? dun remember nuthin”
.:20·02·56:. «@xyz85-mvb9» just to piss her
.:20·03·06:. «@Nitouryu» congrats, you jsut realized that women<>logic
.:20·03·16:. «@Kuthrow» lol
.:20·03·27:. «@Kuthrow» nah, xyz
.:20·03·32:. «@Kuthrow» what you do is you get her drunk as well
.:20·03·43:. «@Kuthrow» then after she passes out, you call over one of your friends
.:20·03·45:. «!GGpX» Use the daterape drug.
.:20·03·49:. «@Kuthrow» you head home, and leave him there
.:20·04·32:. «@Nitouryu» this is what happens if you ask for help on irc
.:20·05·01:. «@xyz85-mvb9» jeezus
.:20·05·07:. «@xyz85-mvb9» you evil :>
.:20·05·10:. «@Kuthrow» 😀
.:20·05·26:. «@Nitouryu» and I dunno man, I never restore bridge when I burn it down
.:20·05·42:. «@Kuthrow» Guaranteed she’d not be calling you for sex again :p
.:20·05·55:. «@xyz85-mvb9» me too
.:20·05·58:. «@xyz85-mvb9» so weird
.:20·06·06:. «@Kuthrow» Well… maybe not guaranteed… but close enough
.:20·06·06:. «@Nitouryu» Just Next her and look ahead for new stuff.
.:20·06·24:. «@xyz85-mvb9» well it’s true that i need to empty my balls somehow
.:20·06·24:. «@Nitouryu» Otherwise you will wake up one morning with your dick cut off by a crazy bitch
.:20·06·35:. «@Kuthrow» lol
.:20·10·58:. «@Nitouryu» xyz85-mvb9
.:20·11·04:. «@Nitouryu» Fuuuuuck that
.:20·11·07:. «@Nitouryu» NEXT IT
.:20·11·37:. «@Kuthrow» Ouch, even put it in the garbage disposal.
.:20·11·51:. «@xyz85-mvb9» what would the dude expect with that face
.:20·12·31:. «@Nitouryu» yea, no Happy ending Kuthrow
.:20·13·12:. «!GGpX» It’s not as bad as that brit chick that BIT OFF some guy’s testicule when she was about to start sucking his dick
.:20·13·28:. «@Kuthrow» no, no, it’s worse
.:20·13·40:. «!GGpX» I mean, using a knife is sorta, uh, how should I put this
.:20·13·49:. «@Kuthrow» Lose 1 testicle, no big deal, have your penis ground to bits is game over
.:20·13·51:. «!GGpX» logical, uh, in a way
.:20·14·06:. «!GGpX» slices and stuff
.:20·14·07:. «@Kuthrow» Also, biting through a penis isn’t actually as easy as one might thing
.:20·14·09:. «@Kuthrow» think*
.:20·14·16:. «!GGpX» That’s exactly why
.:20·14·17:. «!GGpX» 😐
.:20·14·27:. «!GGpX» How fucking gruesome must that have been
.:20·14·27:. «@Kuthrow» Testicles are different though
.:20·14·29:. «@xyz85-mvb9» well that Lorena Bobbit guy had his penis reattached
.:20·14·43:. «@xyz85-mvb9» he also did a porn after that
.:20·15·03:. «@xyz85-mvb9» which makes him a modern times hero
.:20·15·25:. «@Nitouryu» bitch didnt have a garbage disposal, he just got lucky
.:20·16·19:. «@xyz85-mvb9» apparently she threw his nick-nack on the road somewhere
.:20·16·24:. «@Kuthrow» she did throw it out of a car window, IIRC
.:20·16·46:. «@xyz85-mvb9» yeah something like this
.:20·16·54:. «@Kuthrow» I personally don’t know why you’d want to handle a bloody severed penis anyway
.:20·17·01:. «@Kuthrow» after it’s chopped off, just fucking leave it
.:20·17·16:. «@xyz85-mvb9» too bad she wasn’t hungry like that german dude
.:20·17·17:. «@Kuthrow» But, “bitches are crazy” so, whatever
.:20·17·26:. «@Kuthrow» lol
.:20·17·27:. «@xyz85-mvb9» germans always do better
.:20·17·40:. «@Kuthrow» The really fucked up thing is he threw most of it away
.:20·17·49:. «@Kuthrow» fed it to his dogs or whatever
.:20·17·57:. «@xyz85-mvb9» lol
.:20·18·02:. «@xyz85-mvb9» i didn’t know
.:20·18·23:. «@Kuthrow» Yeah, he tried to eat some of it, realized it tasted terrible, and was really difficult to eat, because it’s so tough
.:20·18·30:. «@Kuthrow» so he just gave the rest to his dogs
.:20·18·38:. «@Nitouryu» She could have thrown it in a tall grass where it would never be seen again
.:20·18·53:. «@xyz85-mvb9» haha
.:20·19·02:. «@xyz85-mvb9» NO MAYONAISE
.:20·19·19:. «@Nitouryu» what are you talking about now?
.:20·19·54:. «@Kuthrow» German guy went online looking for a guy willing to let him go all hannibal lecter
.:20·20·01:. «@Kuthrow» found another german retard who volunteered
.:20·20·08:. «@Kuthrow» started by trying to eat the penis
.:20·20·29:. «!GGpX» Germs and eating penis. You’d think they’d stop at the fisting
.:20·20·32:. «!GGpX» but guess not.
.:20·21·12:. «@xyz85-mvb9» was quite a famous story when it happened, just too idiotic to be ignored
.:20·21·18:. «@Kuthrow» yeah
.:20·21·42:. «@Nitouryu» was it his own dick?
.:20·21·55:. «@Kuthrow» No, it was the volunteers
.:20·22·03:. «@Nitouryu» >_>
.:20·22·05:. «@Nitouryu» aight
.:20·22·08:. «@xyz85-mvb9» smart guy.
.:20·22·09:. «@Nitouryu» I hear you
.:20·22·25:. «@Nitouryu» no dedication at all
.:20·22·32:. «!GGpX» xyz85-mvb9
.:20·22·38:. «!GGpX» BME Pain Olympics is calling you.
.:20·22·38:. «@Kuthrow» IIRC he did try to feed some of the dick to the guy he chopped it off of
.:20·22·50:. «@Kuthrow» but he was too loopy from all the blood loss to chew

.:20·23·18:. «!GGpX» Next time we make a release, I should post this convo.
.:20·23·30:. «@xyz85-mvb9» NO WAY gg

To be continued?

Also, what Russian_Gear says is in the next part.


GGpX says, you’re a faggot.

Boku to Issho (!Boku38)

Holyland 127 (!Holy127)

Shamo 59 (!Shamo59)

18 Thoughts to “Russian_Gear says,”

  1. xyz85-mvb9

    I can see thousands of applicants coming after this. Sure.

  2. Ars Magna

    Yeah I see all the ladies who can't resist kuthrow's charm applying already!

  3. Kuthrow

    Bitches certainly do love me. It's a curse.

  4. Shiki no Kurai

    "boku to issho" .. thank you :crying:

  5. rakshine

    plz keep posting your conversations like this, they are awesome. LMAO….

  6. Duh

    Pon pon, way way way :whistle:

  7. dekadans

    thank you for shamo. Is Shamo published weekly or monthly? and chapters "254-255-256-257" are scanned very bad. will you scan them again?

  8. Lukis

    @GGpX its a bit amusing how u wrote Latvija not Latvia in that chat also cant imagine Latvian saying da,da,da :laughing:

  9. Lukis

    also tnx fo Shamo

  10. GGpX

    @dekadans Bi-weekly, and yes, we'll re-do once the tankoban comes out. @Lukis More inside jokes that are hard to explain. Latvija is because Nitouryu once posted a Google Latvia pic: And the da da da thing, well, one of the many nicknames I have for Nitouryu is "wanna-be Russian" because he always whines about the Russians in Latvia and about how useless and stupid they are. Clearly he's jealous. Clearly.

  11. bigboy

    New Yasutaka Nakata! YEEEEEEEEEEES

  12. Lukis

    @GGpX ow thats why,and about russians in Latvija he's mostly true,about 40-50% are like that,rest are Emo wannabe's and Otaku(i have russian friend Otaku) @Nytouryu laikam čalim smaga dzīve 😀 ,diez cik

  13. Lukis

    Spelled ur nick wrong..srry and about double post

  14. Thebear

    I read this…….My Legs became Camel Milk with the Tast of Lakarel…. But anyway, a THOUSAND Thanks and a thousan Cries for posting that Shocking "Conversation" On IRC.

  15. koro

    u guys are really doing a very slow and disappointing work in suicide island it is better to keep it up to date with actual raw release otherwise some group will take it(steal) from u guys just like GWR lost Shingeki no Kyojin to TDX

  16. GGpX

    @koro Yes, I'll just ask my staff to stop going to work/school, stop having social activities, cut ties with their family & friends so that they could be alone and do scanlation work 12+ hours a day, everyday. Simply put, we work at our own pace and we have priorities. If you don't like it, then tough.

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