Happy birthday GGpX

Our GGpX is turning 23 today. Someone give him a lap dance!Now, let us wait for those presents..[GGpX Edit] I was kind of hoping you’d fly over to Canada and give me one, but oh well. I’ll settle with Russian. He lives ~150km from me in fucking Ottawa. [GGpX Edit #2] Okay so I promised releases today, and here we go.I was planning to have more released, but we just didn’t finish some stuff. We might just do one of our usual hangover releases next weekend. We’ll see.Big thank you to xyz85-mvb9 for all of his work on these releases. He did a little bit of something on everything released, so thank him and his Eyetalian group.Full Metal Panic Sigma v11 (!Sigma11) – So this is volume 11 and it leaves you off with a mean-ass cliffhanger. Fun volume overall, though. Volume 12 is even funner.Holyland 121-125 (!Holy121 to !Holy125) This is the complete fight between Yuu and Yoshito. A great fight, you should enjoy it. Now starts a boring flashback arc, that honestly… Meh.Homunculus v13 (!Homunc13 & !Homun13) Mediocre volume, but the next two volumes, which total 610 or so pages combined, are great. Absolutely great. So stay tuned.Koukou Tekken-den Tough v13 (!Tough13) And so begins the fight with Kiba, probably the absolute best fight in the whole series imo. This volume includes two MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME Doubles. You’ll see.Rookies 194 (!Rook194) – Before-to-last chapter in volume 21. The pressure is starting to mount…!Bye~ [GGpX Edit #3]So I said our next release was going to be next weekend, but the Latvian wanted none of that and we finished a chapter tonight.Holyland 123 – Okay it’s not really a release as much of a fixing. A few apostrophes were messed up for whatever reason, and now they’re fixed. If you want to re-download it, go ahead. If not, no worries.Suicide Island 31 (!SI31) – From now on, we’ll be doing chapter releases. Making a volume release would just take too much damn time, so we’ll just do chap releases instead.

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  1. Pyro

    Happy birthday =D

  2. Tex117

    Happy Birthday, and stuff. 🙂

  3. Punky Brewster

    Happy Birthday. Give him some Wolf Guy <3!

  4. Biyatch

    Happy bithsay 🙂 so when is Holyland comin out? :geek:

  5. Darkangel

    Ah GGpX, I would send my girl over and give you one since I love Illuminati, i'm in Ontario. Happy B-day.

  6. randomname

    Happy Birthday GGpX! And many many thanks for Holyland and Rookies! (BTW, what the status of Suicide Island?)

  7. Seiseiseihooo

    Thanks for the release guys! Been looking forward to FMP. Thanks for putting in all the hard work"!

  8. tart

    Thanks so much for the new Homunculus! :tongue:

  9. Devastation

    Holyland……Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you! :w00t:

  10. djDJ76

    thanks for the fmp! 🙂

  11. grace

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  12. randomname

    OK, I've read Holyland… Simply amazing! Definitely worth the wait. I've only found a minor translation (or typographical) mistake: Chapter 124, page 7, Yoshito says "I got the best response I could possibly get from that punch." (when obviously it was a kick) Please fix it for our archival version :w00t: Anyway, including the build-up and the actual match, it was perhaps the most satisfying fight so far (and I really liked the kick-boxer guy). It's that rare blend of a shonen story with seinen overtones that makes Holyland exceptional. So, thanks again for the great release! PS. And obviously my previous post is missing the word "is". Damn those typos, they get everyone!

  13. MatrixM

    Woot! Happy Birthday, too.

  14. dekadans

    dude… why don't you just finish Jackals? there are just a few chapters to the end of this series.. Finish it already!

  15. signorRossi

    Many, many thanks for the Holyland releases!

  16. Olga

    You are absolutely awsome!! When can we expect next volume of Homunculus? I'm totally grateful for what youre doing! This is the best manga ever 🙂

  17. Cenit

    Excellent work on Sigma 11! I laughed a lot reading that volume. Those characters and their humor – gotta love it. You guys did great on this volume once again. Just hope i don't have to wait another 3 months until the end of october to see vol.12 :confused: (but i probably will take that wait anyway) Speed up guys and keep up the awesome work 😎

  18. Hey

    Where can i read or download homunculus 13?? i want to read it so bad! but i cant find it anywhere 🙁 please help:P

  19. 3xtr4

    Thanks a lot for Holyland!

  20. ben

    Thank you for the FMP. 🙂

  21. Hey

    somebody please tell me where i can read homunculus 13 i want to read it so baad im gonna cry :crying:

  22. Badalight

    Thank you so much for the continued releases of Rookies. I know you guys have other projects so even if it's slow, it's perfectly understandable. I'm just glad to be seeing new chapters 🙂 Quick question, how many chapters total does Rookies have? I know there's roughly 3 volumes left.

  23. Sara

    THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! i dont think i can thank you enough for giving us FMP volume 11! also the quality…is AMAZING! wow. thanks again!

  24. Peace Walker

    To download the new volumes just go to their IRC channel. Also, thanks a lot of Homunculus, can't wait for v14 and 15.

  25. Hey

    gosh i tried, but dont know how to use irc.. isnt there any other way to get it? torrent or direct somewhere? 🙂

  26. Peace Walker

    Go to irc: /connect irc.irchighway.net /join #illuminati-manga how hard is that? Maybe you're just really lazy. You could wait a few days until someone posts it on some website something.

  27. Hey

    its not that im lazy i just dont get it at all.. im from poland so its double hard for me because of language, but thanks ill try once again. i could wait but i waited so long to read this you know^^

  28. SAGARA

    Thanks for th v11 of full metal panic, it was excellent to read can't wait for the next one. Viva illuminati. Happy birthday GGpX

  29. Geek

    Happy bday GGpX! And a Veeeeeeeeery big thx 4 fmp 11!!! U made my month!

  30. Nitouryu

    Those who don't know how to run irc program, can use our Reader: http://reader.manga-download.org/ But really…

  31. kelval

    Happy Bday! Thanks for the realeases and yay for suicide island!

  32. Punky Brewster

    @ Hey Check thespectrum.net for Homunculus 13, I just checked and their site has it

  33. terminus24

    FMP is getting really exciting now, the wait for volume 12 will be almost unbearable… I hate cliffhangers and long waits…

  34. hertz

    Thank you so much for the FMP updates and the rest of the staff here for all their efforts translating these series. It is really appreciated.

  35. Thebear

    Congrats Baby from Sweden. A thousand Thanks for the Release Man

  36. grl48

    Thank you for Suicide Island!!! I'm really excited that you're doing chapter releases now since I'll get a lot of doses of one of my favorite mangas. Thanks for all the hard work!!!!!

  37. tart

    Thanks so much for the new volume of Homunculus! But I think a few files there are a bit corrupted though. :wassat:

  38. xyz85-mvb9

    @tart Nobody else reported the problem you had, so probably, if you try to re-download the archive, it should work.

  39. dreamyblend

    happy birthday. finish that Jackals already..

  40. Zamunda

    Hey, Happy baasu dei! Zamunda – the original Riki-Oh fan 😛 (some of you know me as Freezer)

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