Fuck Post Canada

Sensing a trend?

Well, yeah.

Fuck Post Canada, you greedy cocksuckers. A pack I ordered in early June was supposed to be here two weeks ago and only got here tonight. It’s the pack with all the shit I bought from Japan, including stuff like Wolf Guy v10…

And since it’s the end of the month, and I have to bandwidth left to use, (insert lol Canadian internet joke here) I can’t scan any of it until Friday!


So anyway.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough Volume 12 (!Tough12) – Volume 13 starts arguably, in my opinion anyway, the best fight of the whole series. The fight is one of the longest in the whole series as well, as it starts midway though v13 and concludes midway/end of v14. But it really is one of the best fights in the series. Here’s hoping we get to it at some point.

Trigun The Lost Plant by Boichi (!Trigun) – The third and final oneshot relating to Trigun. This time it’s in a joint with XscansX, big thanks to them for their help on it. We might end up doing something else with them over the next few months. We’ll see.

Anyway, enjoy. Bye~

11 Thoughts to “Fuck Post Canada”

  1. Freezer

    Thanks for Tough!

  2. Punky Brewster

    Wow. If I knew how much Post Canada sucks balls I wouldn't have complained about the lack of Wolf Guy updates. Reminds me of UPS!

  3. Ahmy

    Wow that really does blow. I hate it when shit like that happens. ><; Looking forward to more Wolf Guy once the ball gets rolling!~

  4. Cenit

    News on Sigma?

  5. CrushedBalls

    Fuck manga, looking forward for more OP rage till he loses it and ends up blasting a crater on that side of the planet.

  6. heavensdrive

    Thanx a bunch for tough scans, but would you happen to know in what volume the fight between seiko and Kiryu takes place?

  7. hakoudo

    we're waiting for Jackals.

  8. GGpX

    @heavensdrive Last fight of the manga.

  9. Jack

    Thanks… I don't know how to use IRC though…anywhere else I can download (There is nothing on the German site yet)

  10. me

    i'm still waiting on half a dozen packages too. they should have been here weeks ago but aren't thanks to canada post.

  11. Jack

    Never mind… figured out IRC. Dowbloading

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