Here’s hoping I don’t break anything.

I just asked the Russian to back-up the website, I’m in a breaking type of mood tonight. Not totally sure why.

Hey Phaedris, if you’re reading this, contact me. 🙁

That said, hi again.

Today, a release and an information session. Hourah.

Enjokousai Bokumetsu Undou (!Enjo) – We’re releasing the last seven chapters of the volume & I did some changes on the first four chapters as well. Big thank you to Ars Magna for translating the series, he’ll be translating a similar series, in a way, next. Read below. Again, NSFW and not for those of you who are easily offended. It is authored by Hideo Yamamoto, the mangaka of Ichi The Killer. He’s since mellowed out with Homunculus, unfortunately. (More on Homun below)

Full Metal Panic Sigma 39 (!Sigma39) – This concludes volume 9, and once Avatar translates volume 10 we’ll get right on it.

I’ve forgotten to updates the sites, so… If you want to point out what I’ve forgotten to do, post it here.

So here’s some news on our series.

À La Carte: Don’t have an editor for it. If someone’s interested in working on it, contact me.

Boku to Issho: Because Nitouryu’s laptop, there won’t be much (if any) progress on the series until he gets a new one.

Full Metal Panic Sigma: We just finished volume 9, and we hope to finish volume 10 faster than we did with volume 9. We’re just waiting on the translation for the volume to start on it.

Holyland: We’ve started working on chapter 110 since the Latvian’s out of action for a while. Hoping to have it done by the weekend.

Homunculus: I scanned volumes 12-14 this week. Ars Magna’s translated volume 12 and I’m just waiting on Dille to clean it before I can typeset it.

I Am A Hero: Volume 4 is cleaned, but our translator Laika has had health problems over the last few months, so I’m still not sure when we’ll get back on this.

Jackals: See Boku to Issho.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough: The editor, Lordof, suddenly got a real job & life (Selfish jerk) and is probably permanently gone from the scanlation scene. So I need a new editor who can do redraws.

Mephisto: See Boku to Issho & Jackals.

Oton: No idea when the next volume goes for sale. Could be in a few months, could be in a few years. All depends when Saruwatari decides to draw more Oton-related oneshots.

REAL: Next volume goes for sale at the same time it usually does every year, some time in October/November.

Rookies: The editor from Deadbeat-Scans is busy with some more important things right now.

Saru Lock: Umm… I honestly don’t know right now.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi: We’ve sorta dragged our feet (a lot) with this. Sorry el. .-.; But it’s all dependant on Kuthrow doing the major load of work (Dust hunting) for a release.

Sidonia no Kishi: Speaking of dragging our feet… We’re re-doing the earlier chapters with tankobons. Volume 1 is typeset, but Luco_ specifically demanded to QC it but he’s a lazy jerk, so who knows how long that’ll take. We’re also working on chapter 12. No ETA.

Suicide Island: See Boku to Issho, Jackals & Mephisto.

The Life And Times of An Idiot Section Chief: See Suicide Island and what I wrote there.

Wolf Guy: This next chapter I’m doing is easily the hardest 20 page chapter I’ve ever had to do. When you see it, you’ll understand why.

If you have any questions, ask me in the comments or email me. Or PM me on IRC.

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  1. Peace Walker

    :crying: Homunculus… I'm so happy. Definetely going to donate now!

  2. Red

    Thanks for Full Metal Panic. I'm hoping Avatar will continue his awesome translations. Thanks again

  3. djchayan

    sad updates for me Saru-Lock!! is in "idk" status and jackals until new laptop…well thanks anyways at least for the update.

  4. optimism

    illuminati is dead !

  5. illsT

    Again, thanks for the release! I would Like to make a correction regarding the ARX-8's name. It's spelled as Laevatein, not Leviathan. The Leviathan is a 2-seater Mini attack sub used by Amalgam in the novel "Dancing a Very Merry Christmas" and "Always Stand By Me".

  6. johnnyboy

    and what about Gantz? When i get payed this month i'll donate some bucks..sad enough all the projects I read from here, are stalled haha (gantz, jackals, saru lock).. 🙁

  7. Nitouryu

    Oh well guys, life is going downhill from this point… illu is doing WELL and releasing some series. Atleast my absence only disables 6 or so projects, GGpX being away would probably stall everything.

  8. ranea

    Thanks for finishing up Homunculus! I've been waiting awhile…

  9. el

    meh…. I just saw this update and my heart started pounding really hard, and there it was… "Sorry el. .-.;", and then my heart stopped moving and started hitting itself instead…. But hey, we love Kuthrow's work, and all we can do is wait, it's only been what? 400 days or so? I think I still've got a few hundred days in me 🙂 and then off to suicide island I go….

  10. GGpX

    @djchayan – Just read Trinity BAKumA's release. They use shitty webraws that need to be filtered, but it's not like most leechers will tell the difference between those & the raws I scanned. @illsT – Okay. Will fix when I do the volume pack and will fix in v10 if Avatar writes it that way. @johnnyboy – If illiteracy wants to work on it, we'll work on it. If not, doubt there'll be any progress.

  11. Avatar

    On that topic of "correct" names and spelling etc, I generally don't care for accuracy unless they are REAL ones so pls keep that in mind if it really matters to illu or readers. Ppl are welcome to inform about it but don't expect me to improve on this

  12. null

    Big thanks for the latest FMP! Sigma chapter!

  13. Sabu113

    Thank you again for such fast FMP updates 😀 It's a treat.

  14. Syrup

    @johnnyboy you could read Gantz from other translators, if I'm not mistaken there are groups translating even the latest chapters, just look for them.

  15. deigo

    where the hell is Holyland???? this is so annoying i've been waiting for that release over a month plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload it plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. el

    @deigo Adding a lot of z's to plz won't make the chapter release faster

  17. Peace Walker

    @deigo You didn't get the news? The latest volumes were almost done when Nitouryu's notebook burned down. That's why they're taking donations for a new notebook. You really want Holyland? Then lend a hand to the translators.

  18. Tex

    Oh hell, thank you so much for doing these, I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't get my Wolf Guy fix. >> Seriously, I'd go bonkers. It's borderline Obsession I'm sure. What would we manga lovers do without the people who work on the manga's we love, so we can read them? (Bit of a mouthful, there) Anyway, thanks a lot! Hope to see chapter 82 of Wolf Guy soon. (Please don't drop this project. :crying: )

  19. grl48

    Thanks for the update. keep up the hard work! I'm really looking forward to the wolf guy release and i hope to see suicide island released soon. :shifty: Thanks for all that you do, I really love you guys!

  20. djchayan

    someone did wolf guy 82 but really killed it with half assed speedy release I'm waiting for yours to read. :geek:

  21. Tex

    Yeah I saw it, too. I'm waiting on illuminati's release, that one just ain't that great. 🙁

  22. Deroti

    Ohh you fuckers, I hope another team starts to translate my favorite mangas. you are pathetic….

  23. Avatar

    What people here need to realize (both the team & readers) is that Illuminati-manga is not a big group to start with. This case with Nitouryu is ONE example of why its a bad idea to cover too many series at the same time. The more series YOU the readers ask for, the slower its going to be for everyone. Honestly, for some series that clearly has multiple other groups working on them, I wish we just drop them totally

  24. vijay

    Wer is holyland….????

  25. VeNdEtta

    plzz upload holyland…..

  26. Frank

    Thanks you for continuing work on Homunculus.I'm not a huge manga reader, but that story really caught my attention. Thanks again. :w00t:

  27. knightsOS

    Just caught up with Sidonia no Kishi, I love it so far, thank you for the great releases up to this point. I'll be patiently waiting for the next ch. 🙂

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