Not much of an announcement, but

So it’s been a good ten days or so since our last release — Our apologies.

Not sure when our next release will be. Maybe later this week if all goes well.

We had a December 31st release planned, but everyone involved in those releases (myself included) was either just too busy with real life stuff or wanted to take a break.

So yeah, just so you know.

PS, I knew I shouldn’t have given a camera to the Russian. Bad things always happen when you let the Russians do as they please. Speaking of Russians, they are going to get SPANKED by Canada tomorrow night in hockey. Can’t wait. 

5 Thoughts to “Not much of an announcement, but”

  1. Larden

    Hello. First of all thanks for all releases. Secondly Canada gonna be spanked :tongue: Also dont agree with Russian thing) But most of all thanks.

  2. el

    Canada have always been a hockey country so doubt russia will win… and these releases you speak of, maybe they have a little bit of SJG in them? 😉

  3. Red

    Go Canada! Also, hoping for a release of full metal panic :tongue:

  4. T1

    I say throw some Jackels at Iced….last time I asked he said noone gave him anything so he got nothing to do….throw it in his face so we can get "something" to do XDDDD

  5. Nitouryu

    God I hate both teams. :whistle: Canada just comes off as pretentious elitist douchebags and well… Russia is just Russia, those guys will sell away their moms into prostitution for a box of vodka.

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