Releases, April 24th 2010 and some announcements


First, the announcements;

Sekai no Owari to Yoakemae is dropped. Kotonoha picked it up virtually at the same time we did and they did a great job with it.

Eden is dropped. Long time coming. illiteracy wanted to finish volume 13 a while back but it’s dead pretty much.

Oshitone Tenzen is dropped. All of the people working on the series has quit or retired and the remaining staff doesn’t care much for the project.

Koukou Tekken-den Tough is stalled. I just don’t have enough time to translate, scan and typeset/qc it. When I do, I’ll restart working on it.

Mephisto is stalled. The translator is busy with real life stuff – school, job, online novel, girlfriend and occasionally translating – and other projects of his. So when he has the time, we’ll continue.

My Street is stalled. There just hasn’t been any work or effort towards working on the series in a while.

Sengoku is stalled. We have a lot of scripts, but nobody to work on it. Until we have an editor for the series, it’ll remain stalled.

If you have questions about the projects, ask in the comment section.

Speaking of which, we’re looking for another typesetter for Shonan Jun’ai Gumi. We’ve currently translated up to chapter 92 in volume 11 and I’ll be translating quite a bit these days because of my bandwidth limit. We also have a few a chapters already cleaned out. If anybody’s willing to help us out, we’ll be able to finish the current arc rather speedily then start the best arc in the whole series, the Midnight Angels arc. Apply on the forums or PM me on IRC.

Now, the releases.

Holyland 74-75 (!Holy74 !Holy75)
Shonan Jun’ai Gumi 87 (!SJG87)


19 Thoughts to “Releases, April 24th 2010 and some announcements”

  1. Pyro

    Is that a holyland release? :crying: Why yes it is, I love you guys :laughing:

  2. mo|ly

    thanks for holy and shonan 😀

  3. Vapor

    Yay more Holyland! If I knew any Japanese I would help translate.

  4. Lees

    Thanks for the releases guys. Sucks about the other series though, they were awesome.

  5. dark mage

    Sweet! Finally some Holyland. You guys rock 🙂 Thanks alot

  6. standalone

    Thank you so much for the Holyland release! <3 It's my favorite manga and i will be eagerly awaiting more releases!

  7. K

    Holyland #1 🙂 Thx!

  8. Linvega

    How is Sidonia going? Will you continue even if Vagrant Scans is inactive?

  9. Kaz

    Thanks for Holyland, guys!

  10. izvr

    Omg, it's Holyland! And I thought series were dead, glad they are not! :laughing:

  11. GGpX

    @Kaz Once I get off my ass, yeah. But I'm lazy. .-.

  12. shin

    Thanks a lot for Holyland!

  13. randomname

    Wow, a Holyland release after so much time! (And great quality as always!) I really enjoyed those two chapters. Thank you guys! I know there are (were?) translator issues, but please keep it up. It's definitely an under-hyped manga, combining shounen elements with a seinen approach, and it really deserves to be scanlated by you 🙂

  14. signorRossi

    Thanks for the Holyland release!

  15. ozan

    any word on Sidonia no Kishi?

  16. GGpX

    @ozan Once I get off my ass, yeah. But I'm lazy. .-.

  17. ozan

    don't worry we got used to waiting in the end 🙂

  18. Emon

    Koukou Tekken-den Tough is stalled. Sad 🙁 more holyland! great! thank you!

  19. jack

    I was reduced to buying the Viz release of Tough… it is abridged :angry:, missing a lot of the awesome martial arts theory. Disgusted. Hope it is released again soon.

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