Looking for Raws from Young King Ours #05


we’re looking for raws from Young King Ours #05 for the Trigun oneshot and the oneshot by Boichi.

We’re definitely going to do the Trigun oneshot, and probably do the Boichi oneshot assuming we can find someone to translate it. Maybe I could bug zindryr. .-.;

So yeah, if you can find me the raws, drop me a line.

3 Thoughts to “Looking for Raws from Young King Ours #05”

  1. Demut

    Ah, so it's you 😮 ! What about that cleaning job? If you weren't satisfied with the test page you should've least told me that :/

  2. Demut

    Still waiting for an answer …

  3. BooN

    Maybe you can seek help from Xscansx (Japanzai.com)

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