Hallelujah, we’ve finished Heureka!

Yeah, that.

I was expecting Nitouryu (Who’s now leveled up to Santouryu, grats jerk) to make a news post about his baby. Guess not.

So, yeah. Heureka is available on IRC. It’s a one-volume manga. Almost like a prequel to Historie, but not really. I guess. ?_?

Trigger is !Heureka on IRC.

3 Thoughts to “Hallelujah, we’ve finished Heureka!”

  1. heehee

    I really love that mangaka!!!Thanks for the nice surprise!

  2. Ken

    Thank you! I guess I will try and figure out how to use IRC tonight.

  3. Fred

    Thanks alot for Heureka…it is quite a must-read for Historie fans.

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