Love is in the air

Holyland ch59 (!Holy59). You know the game. irc the crap out of it.

The usual bonus side-note:
I hate you weeaboos/japanawanabies and the kind. Yes, I said it. Word is out.

Whats with the hate? Well, I have a problem about how you put Japanese culture and their people on some kind of a pedestal.
Like it’s your High school Prom queens pussy – “Oh NO brotha, you can’t run your mouth or disrespect that coochie! Worship and idolize it. No touchy-touchy, no feely-feely!

Guess what, japs are people too and sometimes they want you to say “Fuck your face!” just to help them feel accepted without some douchebag popping out from the bushes and telling you how your European ancestry is a piss in a sea of piss compared to the awesomeness and cultural deepness of Japan.

Love me tender.

8 Thoughts to “Love is in the air”

  1. mark

    weeaboos suck, holyland is good.

  2. BBEeeeelllaayyyyy

    I can't stand them at conventions, and I am usually the only without a gay looking costume. Everyone else has some half assed paper mache costume.

  3. Joliame

    I'm glad someone said it.

  4. dark mage

    Thanks alot for the chapter

  5. signorRossi

    Great post. LOL Thanks for more Holyland.

  6. garry

    Many thanks for the new chap and your hard work!

  7. Immortal

    Woot Holyland hell yea On the other hand America still owns the world…so meh

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