Second happy birthday!

Happy belated 91th birthday to Digital_Eon.

Hold on, 91th? Well, that might be right. Maybe it’s a typo!?

Who knows!?

What I do know is she gave me no warning except two night ago with a “release something its my birthday XDXDXD”

I was all like, “um, dont got nutin”


“cum back tomorrow, girl.”

“‘kay ^___^”

So she comes back yesterday, still nothing and she was sad.

So, today, here’s your belated b-day gift.

Happy birthday Eon~chan.


4 Thoughts to “Second happy birthday!”

  1. monosoyo

    :wassat:happy birthday?

  2. It's me MYSELF!

    Hepi baasudee(i)!!!

  3. Sirusboon

    Getting a little old eh Digi?

  4. noway

    Hey, Homunculus 10 it's out!! Let's get it!!! yeahh

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