Just some information

Ummm, just some info some of you might wanna know.

-Always looking for staff, with or without scanlation experience.

-The spam bots are back… again… Annoyance-hina. Anyway, Nitouryu is on vacation for a week or so, so he’ll try to get a fix for it when he gets back. If the spam bots start to be extremely active, I’ll just disable comments and that’ll be that.

-We’re having a party on IRC on July 23rd to celebrate me turning 21. (Yay). So be there. Maybe we’ll have a release or two if I can get more than 2 staff members (That actually work, lazy jerks!) around at any given time to muster up a release… .-.;

I think that’s all.


One Thought to “Just some information”

  1. Sweden dude

    🙂 sweet man your turning 21 man Have big party with tequila man am getting IRC for this man :laughing: I be there man at 23 of july Lyckad fordelse dag i forvag

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