Easter Release.

Okay, before I begin, I just need to do some begging.

Our distro bot’s owner, [Madocchi], needs help paying for the bot. I don’t ever beg for donations, because honestly I don’t like to. But this is our archive bot, and we’re pretty dependant on it to make our releases. If you could spare some money to help pay for the bot, everyone here would be extremely thankful!

Donate at kindan.no.aku [at] gmail [dot] com . Thanks.

Now, for the releases.

First up, we have Holyland 45 (!Holy45). The fight versus Katou is over, now let’s watch the aftermath.

Then we have Mephisto 8 (!Mep8). The EVIL MANGA is still going strong.

And now, REAL Volume 8 (!REAL8). I can hear some of you saying “Finally, you fucking slowpoke.jpg” and I apologize. It won’t happen again, hopefully. Big thank you to Molokidan for translating on short notice, even though he doesn’t particularly like the series (Don’t worry Molo, you’ll be getting your payment once Zenquibo goes to Japan for your lapdances…). See you in October when volume 9 goes for sell!

Finally, Riki-Oh. Double dose. Chapters 58 & 59 (!Riki58 & !Riki59). I have to say. Riki-Oh 59 has to be the most ridiculous chapter of the whole series. One Piece on acid, mixed with over-the-top violence, mixed with the JOKER, mixed with corpses, mixed with AWESOME. Oh, and there’s a magical knife somewhere in there.

Update: My Street 4 (trigger !MStreet04).

Always looking for new staff, please apply on the forums. Thanks. Have a good one.

7 Thoughts to “Easter Release.”

  1. jebak99999

    thanks for the new releases

  2. freeloader

    Awesome guys. Thanks so much. Real and Holyland comes in on a Sunday morning when I'm stuck at work. I love you guys

  3. Justme

    thanks for holyland ch 45 the storys getting real good too

  4. zamunda

    Thanks for Riki-Oh

  5. powerman

    Thanx a lot for new Holyland and Riki-Oh. You guys are amazing 🙂

  6. wong

    Thx for the Holyland ^^

  7. lynnie

    :laughing: I love Holyland!

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