It’s 6am, and I don’t know what to write.

So we released stuff tonight. It’s 6.40AM, I’m tired, and I don’t know what to write in this news post. Eh, let’s try something…

Holyland 41-42 are out! Delicious fighting! …Delicious? That sounds… off. Eh, who cares, it’s fighting. !Holy41 & !Holy42

Additional triggers:
/msg Foojin xdcc send #160  For Holyland 41
/msg Foojin xdcc send #161  For Holyland 42

Mephisto 4 is out. More evil! More blood! More black magik! More this, more that, more !Mep4 and shit! Hopefully Nitouryu works hard and gets you some more out soon.

[Edit] Because of a little mistake of mine, there’s a typo on one of the pages. Here’s the fixed page:

The pack in the channel is fixed. Chapter 5 will also include this page for those of you who didn’t download the right version.[/edit]

And finally, Mercenary Pierre volume 4 to conclude the series. Wow, two finished series in two weeks!? This seems so… Unusually weird! Us, of all groups, actually finishing projects instead of picking them up! A big, big thank you to tradedaemon, who did the vast majority of the work on this series. Big thanks to Digital_Eon, Dead^Meat, Zenquibo and Nobody for their help on the series. We’ll be doing another joint project with Izumo no Ryuu in the future (Already have the series picked out.), but because of staff problems recently, it’ll have to wait until a) We get more staff (Hint hint, apply) or b) We finish more projects (But some of those projects already have other manga lined up afterwards, like Elfen Lied, Blood+ A, Riki-Oh…). Plus, I can’t find the book at a good price in Japan yet, (I don’t like the online raws) so the project will have to wait.

Trigger for Mercenary Pierre Volume 4 is !MP4 If you want previous volumes of the series, type !MP1 !MP2 (For Volumes 1-2). Volume 3 isn’t in made into a full volume (I’ll get to that after I get up…), so the triggers are !MP14 to !MP20 .

Additional Trigger
/msg Foojin xdcc send #162  For Mercenary Pierre Volume 4

Enjoy, have a good one.

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