News & Releases

First, the news.

Our best editor, antifon, is taking time off scanlations (maybe even quitting altogether) to focus on school. That means are already slowly moving projects will be moving even slower.

So, more than ever, we need Editors & staff. If you’ve applied and haven’t received a reply yet, my apologies, I’ve just been busy this week.

Small announcement. We will not being doing Ultimo past the prequel chapter. We’ve done the prequel/oneshot chapter with Whatever. Problem is, almost none of the staff are really interested in continuing the project while all of the editors who applied to do the project have been duds.

Other news; Manhole is almost done, just waiting for Eon to QC them. Same goes for Holyland 41-42. Blood+ A is still being cleaned. Mephisto 2 is in QC, ch3 is going to be typeset soon. No progress on FMP Sigma from last time I wrote.

Second, releases.

A few days ago, we released Mephisto chapter 01. I nicknamed it “The EVIL MANGA” because it’s very, very evil. The next few chapters have a few very disturbing parts, which is awesome. Blood! Rape! Gore! Torture! Hyehehehe!!! (Yes, I am demented.)

Trigger is !Mep1

We’ve released Saru Lock 27 today.  Chapter 28 isn’t anywhere close to being done, and it’ll be a little while before we see it out. The amount of difficult redraws in this chapter is baffling. Something like 15 of the 18 pages have redraws, half of which are pretty difficult. So yeah.

Trigger is !Saru27


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