Yet Another Year…

Today we have an anniversary! Three years since the group was founded!

Well, I’ve been in this group for almost 8 months now – yay! – and it’s been great so far :] I don’t feel like ranting… no wise things. I did what I could for this anniversary release, though it seems not enough, but well, we all worked hard the past few weeks, you could be sure of that! Due to some unfortunate circumstances there are not many releases, as originally planned (some volumes ‘n stuff…), but… oh well, we’ll release them eventually.
Well, that’s it from me! Oh, and I wanna say thanks to Anath and GGpX <3


P.S. I really hope GGpX comes back soon ;_; (btw no Saru for a while since only GGpX has the raws…)

So we’re all supposed to write a few words for the newspost… unfortunately, Nitouryu fried my brain this morning, so I don’t have anything interesting to say…
There were some ups and downs, but I managed to pull through, thanks to my fantastic collegues! Also, I wanna thank: unholyghost, cocona, Negation, trunck, Joulupukki and especially gmc… oh, and Eon for not doing anything for this release.
And one more thing – GGpX, I miss you – come back ;_;


I was asked to to say something.. so.. I’ll try to make it short.
First, we are three years old. YATTA!!!
I, myself, have been around for about a year and I have to say, this was one wild ride. Most of the stuff I experienced in this group has made no sense whatsoever.. But I think thats the whole point – do something you like and enjoy it to the fullest, even if its completely batshit crazy.

Thanks to current and retired staff members who contributed to the group. I have to say, last year GGpX hopped to see 600th release on Christmas, well.. we already beat that(634) and now we are gonna make it 700 by the end of the year, atleast that’s the plan. 🙂
Thanks to all the leechers. We are doing our best to provide you with a new fix of releases. Less thanks to all the whining leechers(Yes, I’m talking about you Mitchell!).
Also, Zenquibo is a drunkie. There, I said it!

– Nitouryu

Jackals ch.12 (!Jack12), Leviathan ch.59-61 (!Lev59, !Lev60, !Lev61), One Day ch.4 (!OneDay4), Oshitone Tenzen ch.01 (!Tenzen1), REAL ch.41 & 42 (!REAL41, !REAL42), Saru Lock ch.18 & 19 (!Saru18, !Saru19).

As you see, its not much, just 9 releases. Truth is, we are short on staff in almost every position. We are especially looking for JAP translators, Typesetters, Editors & Quality Checkers.
If you think you can help us, feel free to apply on the Forums. Your help is greatly appreciated.

20 Thoughts to “Yet Another Year…”

  1. jackly

    good job on your releases =] maybe instead of doing so many projects at once and not finishing one, you should just focus on one project and maybe do single releases for the other projects that come out monthly. because saru lock has like 18 volumes and at this pace it'll never be fully scanlated haha. same with jackals, has 5 more volumes to go. but i have no right to say this to free scanlators obviously but just saying my opinion, so once again good job on your releases and thank you!

  2. ohayo

    happy anniversary, I wish you many more to come !! 😉 Also hank you for REAL Releases 🙂

  3. xox

    jackly SHUT UP :angry:

  4. Maggotcorps

    thanks guys for this mass release again 🙂 And happy anniversary 🙂

  5. Not_Log

    Jackals will never be fully scanlated because GGpX ran off with the only raws, sir.

  6. Buka

    Oh my god, I've lost all the hope to see more Leviathan scanlations already and when I saw it on mangaupdates I even thought it was some other series at first. Thank you very much, this is simply awesome!! I really hope you will continue. And happy anniversary! 🙂

  7. antifon

    jackly: yep… actually we're working hard on saru lock but, as you probably didn't notice, it has terrible amount of hard redraws so it takes time, y'know. also GGpX is not around = no raws for the next chapters, so you'll have to wait. That goes for Jackals too, but Log, he'll come back soon :]

  8. Shmoke420

    redraws?? why redraw you can just white box and while your at it make sure you wipe your ass with the manga pages be4 scanning them :tongue: tyvm for the releases and happy anniversary!

  9. yuori

    omfg i ve been waiting for YEARS for yet another release of leviathan ^___^ thank you so much !! you guys have kick ass projects <3 ps: happy anniversary

  10. Zamunda

    Thans guys, happy anniversary :P. I don't know what's the point of having a site when i've personally posted several times and it was a voice in the desert. jacky i don't agree with you cause i like Riki-Oh and i hope that it gets finished first…

  11. gwenn

    you're the best!!!THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! and happy anniversary!!!I love coming to check if something 's been released, 'cause I love many of your projects=I cannot be disappointed (not difficult, eh! unless I don't find anything new!lol)

  12. Negation

    Happy birthday, people of Illuminati! And thanks for all the good things like HolyLand! Keep working and long life to you. 😉

  13. hikahika

    Yay \o/ Leviathan \o/ Thank you very very very much for picking up this title Love you… and forever good luck to you o/

  14. akaPassion

    Oh my God! Finally someone continued to scanlate Leviathan! I even had to buy French license to find out, how it ends. And now I'll finally be able to read it in English =)

  15. Tammi

    Hey, just wanted to thank you for all the work you've done on Holyland! I really appreciate it, can't wait to see the next release! 😀

  16. malachi

    Thought I'd drop again to show my appreciation, too. I think I'm gonna wait for you folks to finish Elfen Lied. 🙂

  17. sleepyX

    Hello, I would like to thank you for scanlating Holyland, I would have never thought that such a manga existed, thanks for the good work.

  18. bg

    Thanks for all the hard work, and thanks for scanlating holyland my 2nd most favorite manga after vinland saga. Keep up the good work.

  19. rujumanji

    I crave for more Jackals !! and oh uhmm could you guys do another manga? Blooody Monday is kick ass I think you guys should scanlate that manga too XD GGpX = Bastard taking the Jackals raws TT_TT

  20. gwenn

    hoihoi!! 's been a little while so I came to check out if anything(well, holyland) was out… So I'll come back later!!! bisous!!!like it's the habit for french people!

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