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Well, as I said in my previous post we have some releases this week, too.
The new stuff: Elfen Lied ch.96 (!EL96) /you may want to visit oishii-manga site and say thanks to Anath and the others from oishii for the new awesome chapter of Elfen Lied :p/ and Mercenary Pierre ch.18 (!MP18).

Also, I wanned to do this for a long time but due to laziness mainly it got postponed over and over again, but well at least I did it now… so yeah, I made volume packs for Holyland vol.2 & 3, as well as a pack for Mecenary Pierre vol.2. Triggers are : !Holy2, !Holy3, !MP1 & !MP2.

Well, that’s pretty much all. Enjoy your read ^^

5 Thoughts to “Some stuff”

  1. gwenn

    Hey hey!!! I think you've got a really fantastic choice of projects, especially holyland, jackals and manhole, so I'm always very very very happy whenever you release anything. So thanks a bunch!!! you've got my whole and sincerest and most excited support!!!

  2. f

    I just wanted to point out that chapter 29 was missing from the Holyland Volume 3 Pack on the bot.

  3. antifon

    thanks for letting me know, it's now fixed… Sorry about that.

  4. virus?

    Hi, I'm a regular here and I often look for updates. But last time I did that, I think I got the bratsk virus that everyone talks about… and just now my anti-virus alerted me again. Is it coming from this site or is it something else? sorry if it's not your fault, just thought I'd let you know!

  5. antifon

    …apparently it's this site. I'll bug the webmaster about it and hopefully he'll fix it.

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