No we are not! Just kidding!
In the matter of fact we are still very alive.
Even with our Leader, Master, Enforcer, Boss(et cetera) GGpX being away at British Columbia.. wai– hmm British Columbia.. sounds like a place near beach with lots of pretty girls and free dope, so we might not see him back that soon as he’s probably too busy pimping. What a lucky man.

In the meantime me, antifon & Zenquibo are taking over the show and GGpX reign is OVER!! HA!
Said that we have some releases for you, so here we go – Holyland ch34(!Holy34) & Saru Lock ch16(!Saru16).

Next week we’ll have some more releases, so stay sharp!

10 Thoughts to “DEAD!”

  1. hehey

    awesome, Holylands heating up and Saru's always interesting.

  2. eni

    Saru! Thank you, guys! :laughing:

  3. kfg

    awesome!! thanks so much for translating holyland, kamishiro's owning this chapter =O

  4. Maggotcorps

    thanks guys 🙂

  5. Jembei

    Thanks for another great chapter of holyland! You guys rule 😀

  6. Andrei

    Heia! Great work guys! Cant wait for the next Holyland chapter. Wanna see Yuu aka Crying Avanger, kick som ass.

  7. Dave

    A quick question, where do you get your holyland raws, and what volume is holyland released to?

  8. Jesus

    Hi I tried to dl ur manga but when I do direct dl it says the link is dead. What do I need to do to dl the manga u have?

  9. Nitouryu

    Go to Its all there(DDL). Or come to our irc channel and get it from bot.

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