Welp, this is probably the last release I’ll be doing in Montreal for a very long time. I was born & raised in Montreal, btw.

I’m moving to Western Canada, more specifically Kelowna, for a year, maybe more. Sigh, as much as I hate Quebec (And Quebecers in general) I’m going to miss the joint.

Anyway, enough about me, how’s about you?

Today we’re releasing 4 chapters (Was supposed to be up to 7 chapters, but some things weren’t even close to being finished, and one is almost done, so you might see it sooner rather than later).

Elfen Lied 94 (!EL94)
Koukou Tekken-den Tough 18 (!KKT18HQ & !KKT18LQ)

And also, Holyland 32-33 (!Holy32 & !Holy33). I’ve gotta tell you folks, you’ll be happy I held 32 back so that I could release it with chapter 33. These two chapters have to be read one after the other. These two chapters are crazy good. I hope you enjoy.

Next up (Normally…), something by Iwaaki Hitoshi, the author of Historie & Parasyte. Stay tuned.

Have a good one.

10 Thoughts to “Holy-freaking-land!”

  1. Jedai

    I have the feeling those guy will regret attacking a friend of Yuu… Kinda like he would do more to defend his friend than himself. :tongue:

  2. Friedo

    Oh man i can barely wait for the next few chapters…Yuu's gonna kick some ass 😛 Great Job, as usual 😀

  3. Drash

    Yuup waiting for Yuu The Avenger 😉

  4. hehey

    Yuu is gonna go berserk!

  5. abc

    thanks for Holyland 32 – 33 🙂

  6. Aldagr8

    Loved the 32 – 33 ….Awesome stuff….waiting for next few chaps :)….Thanx for the uploads 🙂

  7. SamHatake

    Please….I beg of you…update Holyland more often! It needs love! I love Yuu <3 I can't translate…probably can't edit either….but if you need any help at all email me! I'll do anything for Holyland! (and amen for Yuu the Avenger :laughing:)

  8. Jembei

    Great work. Yuu is gonna kick so much a**! I hope you could update it more often cause i just can't wait to se the last 14 volumes. again great work and Thank you for uploading such an awesome manga 😀

  9. antifon

    We\'re doing our best… It has to come out looking properly, right? You wouldn\'t like it if half of the page is filled with white boxes, would you? Bear with us, again, we\'re doing our best.

  10. Natis

    Holyland is awesome! Im hocked :laughing:

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