New stuff

Howdy n shit.

Today we’re releasing some stuff. One new project too.

Still looking for Editors for Saru Lock. Willing to do a joint with another group who can edit the chapters.

Releases are;

Koukou Tekken-den Tough 14. !KKT14HQ or !KKT14LQ are the triggers.
REAL 37 (Finally). !REAL37 is the trigger. Big thanks for the people in Chibisuke-Scans for making a joint on the project and making it possible.
Saru Lock 13. !Saru13 is the trigger.


Please apply, we need staff ._.

2 Thoughts to “New stuff”

  1. mathi36

    thanks for Saru and tough!!

  2. Icelandian!

    Can we expect more Kamen Teacher? its an awesome manga.

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