It’s the first of August,

Well, I don’t really know what to write about today. Not feeling particularly creative. I’m just feeling really hungry right now.

Anyway, we really need Editors to help us out on our series. The more Editors we have, the faster we can push releases out (hint hint, Riki-Oh).

Apply on the forums. Any help is appreciated.

And while we’re talking about the forums, the current forums are pretty boring. Can some of you register and post time to time? I’d actually enjoy posting on the forums with some people.

Here are today’s releases:

Elfen Lied 90. !EL90 is the trigger.
Kamen Teacher 5. !K5 is the trigger.
Koukou Tekken-den Tough 13. !KKT13HQ & !KKT13LQ are the triggers.
Saru Lock 11. !Saru11 is the trigger.

Welp, enjoy. If you can edit, please apply. 🙁

Have a good one.

[Edit] As usual, we’re looking for a group to do a joint with on Saru Lock. The group in question would be taking care of the Editing.

5 Thoughts to “It’s the first of August,”

  1. serenity

    Thanks for another chapter of EL Guys 😀

  2. Jensen

    Thanks. But i'll be very happy only when you'll drop out a new chapter of Kenichi!

  3. yal


  4. Michael

    Thanks for the new chapter of Saru, but i'm waiting for a Kenichi chapter like Jensen…

  5. Zach

    'Kenichi' yeah but don't forget 'Kamen Teacher' 🙂 Thx for the releases guys !!

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