On January 27th 2007…

was the date we first started working on Blood+ v3. tokiyasama85 had then posted the script for Blood+ chapter 9. So exactly one year and five months later, we’re releasing Blood+ volume 3. Shit, it’s been a long time coming.

So now I’m hoping tokiyasama85 got my emails about the new Blood+ volumes. If he didn’t or just doesn’t want to continue with it, we’re in trouble ;o

In any case, here are the releases:

Blood+ volume 3. Triggers are !Blood3HR (High Res – 1,115×1,600) or !Blood3LR (Low Res – 836×1,200).
Holyland 28. Trigger is !Holy28

I also made a volume pack of Riki-Oh volume 4. The trigger for that is !Riki04


4 Thoughts to “On January 27th 2007…”

  1. hehey

    another holyland release, great chapter

  2. kakar

    Thanks for Blood+

  3. smellitsa

    i've been waiting for this release for soooooo long!!! thanx!!!! by the way, is there a way to get Blood+ besides IRC??

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