Last Riki-Oh Friday for a little while

Hey. As some of you might of heard, Riki-Oh got tired these last few weeks and needed a much earnedvacation. His fists were taking a beating from all of the shit he punched outta people. Poor guy.

Actually the real reason is we don’t have any cleaned chapters past ch24, so we can’t really release anything without any cleaned chapters, right? ;/

(Apply to help out and Riki-Oh will come back from his vacation a lot faster!)

Releases today are:

Full Metal Panic 29. !FMP29 is the trigger. Btw, just so you know, yes, I will finish FMP. It won’t be at a blazingly fast speed, but I will finish it eventually. Right now I’m using it (Along with SJG) as tests for people who apply as Editors/Typesetters.
Mercenary Pierre. !MP8 to !MP11 are the triggers. For volume 1, the trigger is !MP1. For ch7, the trigger is !MP7.
Riki-Oh 24. !Rik24 is the trigger. !Riki01 !Riki02 !Riki03!Riki17 – !Riki23  are the other triggers for Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and chapters 17 to 23 respectively.

Enjoy, have a good one.
Have a good vacation too, Riki-Oh!

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