Riki-Oh Friday, and introducing a Oneshot from Mandala!


Today we’re releasing a Oneshot from the magazine Mandala Issue #2, called “Alice in Mirrorland,” which is an all color magazine with mostly oneshots from internation mangakas. There’s also Blame^2 by Nihei Tsutomu (Which we plan on scanlating in the near-future) and Diadem by Boichi (An awesome mangaka some of you should check out when you have the time.)Maybe we’ll scanlate Diadem, depending on whether or not I can find an Editor who can do double pages. Maybe we’ll do some more stuff from the magazine, we’ll see.It’s not like there’s a lack of interesting oneshots!

Anyway, to the releases.

Alice in Mirrorland. !Alice is the trigger.

Holyland 26. !Holy26 is the trigger.

Manhole 17. !Man17 is the trigger.

Riki-Oh 23. !Riki23 is the trigger.

By the way, we seriously need Riki-Oh Editors. If you’re willing to help out, please apply. I’d still like to be able to release a chapter a week of Riki-Oh… 

In any case, have a good one.

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