Riki-Oh Friday~

Been a busy week. Hopefully I’ll have time to typeset one of the… Ummm… 6 or so cleaned chapters I have this weekend? Maybe. But man is it ever hot this week in Montreal. Summer is almost here. I’m so happy.

In any case, here’re the releases;

HSDK 147. !HSDK147 is the trigger. Alternate trigger, /MSG Karin-chan XDCC SEND 2

Kamen Teacher 01. !KT01 is the trigger. New joint project with NCIS.

Mercenary Pierre 07. !MP7 is the trigger

Riki-Oh 22. !Riki22 is the trigger.



We pulled a rabbit out of our hats and got a last release for you all (It’s still Friday in Hawaii as I post this)

Jackals 6! !Jack6 is the trigger.

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