And so it begins

It’s Friday in some places of the world, so let’s begin!

Dragonhead 77. !DH77 in our channel. You can also get it in #null (Visit their site for the trigger).

Holyland 25. !Holy25 in our channel. The other triggers are !Holy21 to !Holy25 for Chapters 21 to 25.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi 146. !HSDK146 is the trigger. !HSDK11 !HSDK12 !HSDK108 !HSDK144 !HSDK145 are the other triggers. They’re for Volume 11, Volume 12, Chapter 108, Chapter 144, Chapter145.

Mercenary Pierre 6. !MP6 is the trigger in our channel. 

Riki-Oh 20. !Riki20 is the trigger in our channel. !Riki01 !Riki02 !Riki13 to !Riki19 are the triggers for Volume 1, Volume 2 & chapters 13 to 19.

Saru Lock 1. !Saru is the trigger in our channel. A new series from us and the folks over at NCIS about a lockpicking monkey. Sorta. It’s really good. You should download it.

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi c66-69. !SJG66 to !SJG69 are the triggers in our channel. 

Tista 5. !Tista5 is the trigger in our channel. !Tista1 to !Tista4 are the other triggers in our channel for chapters 1 to 4.


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