Shonan Jun’ai Gumi status


I’d like to make an informative post about Shonan Jun’ai Gumi, the prequel to GTO.

We’ve scanlated 26 chapters since picking it up a while back.

Now, we’re facing some serious problems with the series.

We need a typesetter. We need an extra editor. Because if we don’t fill these positions soon, we will be dropping the project permanently.

Don’t want this happen? Your only hope is to apply on our forums for the positions.

Now, I don’t want to drop SJG. I think SJG is a quality series that only gets better. (I’ve read up to volume 18 in French, it becomes absolutely great in a few volumes) But the only way I’m getting chapters done is by giving chapters to people who apply as typesetters as their test and fixing the typesetting afterwards for consistency. I don’t want to continue this.

Or, if you’d like a joint on the series, give me a PM on IRC. I’m open to discussions. I’d much rather have an established group leader/representative contacting me than a new group (Unless the group is called Rabbit Reich. I loved Robot v1. You guys are awesome.)

If we don’t get help, the project will be dropped.

Have a good one.

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