Today’s Friday…

And you know what that means, right?


So be sure to stick around on our IRC channel today.

First thing’s first, Elfen Lied Chapter 82! This concludes volume 09. 3 more volumes left, 25 total chapters. Trigger is !EL82. For chapter Elfen Lied 81, type !EL81.


DDL for EL 82


And now the for the main dish.

Gantz Chapter 268. !Gantz268 If you want Gantz 267, the trigger is !Gantz267.
Riki-Oh Chapter 17. !Riki17 If you want volume 1 or 2, it’s !Riki01 & !Riki02. The triggers for chapters 13-16 is !Riki13 to !Riki16.
Sengoku Chapter 3. !Sen3. If you want Chapters 1 or 2, type !Sen1 or !Sen2.


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