Fighters, not lovers.

We at Illuminati-Manga have decided that, to celibrate the end of that horrific day called “St-Valentines Day”, we would bring you some  VIOLENCE! Punches, swearing, blood, guns, gore! Hell yeah!!

We at Illuminati-Manga are fighters, not lovers.

That being said, it’s Friday… And that means…….!!!

A Gantz release!? Huuuuh~!?

Actually, this is just a one time thing. Me and illiteracy went on all night on this with the nice people of Whatever. We’ll be releasing the tankobon version of v22 eventually.

But Friday also means more Riki-Oh!

And on top of that, another chapter of Holyland!

[edit] Okay so there isn’t any more tonight, the QCer couldn’t finish the chapter before he had to leave (That’s life).

That being said, we’re recruiting a new Holyland editor. Our current editor (solivone) resigned  to focus on school & work (Saving up money for University in America), so we’ll wish him the best in school. So, we’ll need a new Editor for chapters 23+.

We also need some Proofreaders and Quality Checkers. Apply~ 😉

9 Thoughts to “Fighters, not lovers.”

  1. JubeiD

    I thought Phase3 already released the v22 tankubon. No ones done the v21 though which makes no sense what so ever. I spent many a night crying of that blemish in my collection. Well anyway you guys do awesome work so when you do do v22 I'll probably just use yours instead. Keep up the excellent work!

  2. GGpX

    -Yes Phase 3 released v22 in tankobon. It isn't going to stop us from releasing our own version. -Yes, we have done the v21 tankos. A long time ago too. You can get it via IRC. If you meant v20, Shocwave's done it a while back. Enjoy~

  3. JubeiD

    YAY Thanks Now my collection shall be complete and consistency shall return once again. (don't actually know how i missed such an obvious file now that i look at it)

  4. KirbyStyle

    I dont suppose you guys are close to an Elfen Lied Chapter? ^^"



  6. yasononi

    hey were can i find the ddl for holyland or a link

  7. GGpX

    We're not adding any chapters to DDL until the admin of the mirror (Guybrush) comes back from his vacation.

  8. Pedobear

    Elfen Lied? 🙁

  9. hehey

    thaks for the Holyland release, greatly appreaciated.

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