Shounen Explosion~

Full Metal Panic Chapter 28
HSDK Chapter 95
Shonan Jun’ai Gumi Chapter 65
Tista Chapter 2

Some notes about Tista.

-We’re not including honorifics. The setting is New York City, and unless they’re in Little Tokyo there’s no chance people in NYC would address themselves by -chan, -kun, -san and such.
-Arty’s official name is “Arty Drawer” and not Arty Drowa. Until we find out Tista’s official name, we’ll be going with Tista Roan.

All out~

Go and download, jerks.

PS: We need moar staff. Editors on FMP & SJG, and typesetters.
PSS: We need cookies and milk as well.
PSSS: Pie is good too.


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  1. joey

    um i couldnt help and im not trying to be a jerk or anything but its actually pps and then ppps cause it means post script and then post post script etc… sorry if i sound like an ass…where can i send the cookies too?

  2. DeusGear

    You haven't been on IRC long enough to understand the joke. For a hint look at the banner 🙂

  3. thekillerxyz

    lol great work 😉 for some reason i cant get on the IRC 🙁

  4. kakar

    thanks for Kenichi

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