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Were looking for suggestions, comments & criticism on the Project Manager page we’ve put up. It’s still a WOP, but it’s 80% done for the most part.

So please take a moment if you can and give us your opinion.


Okay so it’s a pretty big WOP right now, and we’re still playing with the configurations. Not to mention I have a lot of series to add.

Well, it’s better than what we had previously, right? | :

Thank you Bechstien for writing the code/fixing/editing and Deus_Gear for implementing it to the layout and helping with the bug fix process.

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Also Fixed:
Blood Red Font, I have no idea what I was thinking.
Background colors a bit.
Forum Skins.

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Well I finally finished putting in the “Active” Projects in the new projects pages. You’ll be able to see the status on some of the future chapters of our projects as well.

Tomorrow (Technically later today) I hope to put all of the rest of the series.

6 Thoughts to “Hell Yeah New Project Page”

  1. Guybrush

    Really nice! The projects page looks fantastic – just: i\’d put up the latest released chapter there too… AND – use the same script for the staff page PLEASE!

  2. Ninjugai

    It is really nice. BUT, around the date that this was done, I started having problems with the forums, and I can't post anything on them at all. In addition I can't send pm's either. No matter what I'm doing, I end up getting a message that says "The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again." But nothing works. Can I get some help??? Sorry if this isnt supposed to be in the comments here, but like I said, I am currently unable to post anything on the forums.

  3. DeusGear

    Come to irc if it still doesn't work.

  4. Ninjugai

    I don't use irc. You can IM me (my screen name is godughifu) though. I actually have irc, but I don't know how to use it really at all. And it still doesn't work though.

  5. Ninjugai

    Oh yeah, I don't know if this makes a difference, but on the user control page, I changed the Board Style to "Arrow" and now I can't change it from that either.

  6. Ninjugai

    Sorry, it's me again, but I can't use irc because I'd have to register it and I don't have $20.00 to do that with cuz I'm a high school student.

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