Spam Filter Added + Project Page Fixed.

So yea once again spam bots have picked up the fact that the site was revived (I hoped it wouldn’t happen but yeah…) and have spammed the jesus out of the comments. Thus I have installed a really awesome spam filter (you will need to enter two words, just be sure to be signed in when you do) to prevent this crap.
Also I fixed GGpX project attempt.
FYI GGpX when you link an image your target has to be a sub directory from the site like img/imapicture.jpg (with no spaces, use _ instead).
I promise to show GGpX how to make a real project page and work out any remaining problems as soon as I’m done with finals (BioChemistry is using up 95% of my time). That is all, look forward to new releases of whatever is coming (and soon).

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