Updates and coloring~


No new release today, but just some random updates for you and some advertisement.

Blood+: Half of volume 3 is in QC. The other half hasn’t been edited yet. So, we need Editors~ I should start scanning Blood+ v4 in the next few weeks.

Eden: Yeah, you’re reading correctly. We’ve picked up Eden again. We’re going to be re-doing v13 with better raws and we’ll be doing volume 14+ with Manga-Underground. Currently we’re t/l checking the first chapter of volume 14 before we typeset it.

Elfen Lied: 78 is getting the typesetting checked out. It’ll shortly go in to QCing. Don’t expect a release in the next few weeks, though. A lot of stuff has to be fixed in terms of editing and script.

Full Metal Panic: Chapters 25-26 are in the QC session, but our QCer (ginen) is on vacation. We’ll be waiting for her to come back and to QC them before releasing them. We’ve also started cleaning [some] chpters in volume 5. Slowly but surely…

Gantz: Now that we’re gonna be sticking to tanko releases of Gantz, we’re sitting back and relaxing! :p Actually, we’re just waiting for the next tankoubon to be released for us to continue working on the series. Hopefully it’ll be released before Christmas. I’d also like to have some opinions of you guys of what you thought of our volume 21 release. We had sized the pages at 1,115×1,600 (Double pages 2,230×1,600 and the posters were 2,230×3,200) with the maximum quality possible on the pages. End result was the .zip was 118 megs. Not bad, huh? We’d just like to have some feedback. Was it too big in resolution? Too big in filesize? Thought it was good? Opinions on the editing, typesetting, proofreading is also welcome.

Manhole: Nothing much to say about this. Chapter 11 is in QC, chapter 12 is going to be typeset soon. Anybody interested in cleaning some chapters? 

Shonan Jun’ai Gumi: We got a new translator for it recently (<3 you Aethyc) and hisshouburaiken has said he’ll re-start helping us by translating some chapters time to time. We’ve decided that after the Ookubo arc, we will be having our translators work on 2 different arcs at a time while having hissh work on shorter arcs seeing as he already has plenty of stuff to do for many people. Speaking of SJG, I have some other stuff to talk about later.

Umm… I think that’s all. Don’t ask when the next chapter is gonna be out, but you can ask for status.

In other news, Shonan Jun’ai Gumi rocks. It rocks so much that it deserves some colourings. I’m serious. Do any of you who read SJG (If you don’t, stop reading this and go download it.) not think that the first double page of volume 7 in chapter 54 anything short of badass? I’m serious. That page was totally downright awesome. I would love to some of the artists out there color it. We have the forums and space for it, but unfortunately, nobody seems to go there. If you’re interested, please go right ahead <3.

That’s my update for tonight. Have a good one~


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